Toxoplasmosis in Cats (cont.)

How Can Toxoplasmosis Be Prevented?

If you have reason to be concerned (if your cat hunts, for example), cat parents, pregnant moms and immunocompromised individuals can take some simple precautions against toxoplasmosis:

  • Have all cats in your household tested by your veterinarian for the parasite and make certain the test results are explained to you.
  • Keep your cat(s) indoors.
  • Do not feed your cat raw meat.
  • Do not eat undercooked meat yourself.
  • Do not allow your cat to hunt and eat wild mice, birds, etc.
  • Use disposable rubber gloves when cleaning the litter box.
  • Wear gloves and protective clothing when gardening.
  • Cover your child's sandbox when not in use; this will prevent possibly infected cats from defecating in it.
  • Take proper hygienic precautions when handling raw meat.
  • Pregnant moms and immunocompromised people with cats who cannot get someone else clean the litter box for them should wear gloves, clean the litter box promptly twice a day before the oocysts can become infective and wash their hands when finished.

It is not necessary to relinquish a cat if he has toxoplasmosis. By taking the recommended steps above to practice good hygiene, both cat and humans can remain safe and healthy.