Feeding Tips for a Cat With Diabetes (cont.)

Can Diet Improve My Cat's Diabetes?

If you are careful about diet and insulin therapy, you may notice that you can start lowering your cat's insulin dose. In some cats the diabetes will even go into “remission.” That doesn't mean the cat is completely cured, though. “I tell the owners that they should still think of their cat as having diabetes -- it's just controlled,” Schermerhorn says. Sometimes cats that have gone into remission will experience flare-ups and will still need to take insulin once in a while to control their diabetes. Owners need to be committed to caring for their diabetic cat for life, he says.

Frostig has kept his cat on a strict regimen of diet and insulin shots, and today it's hard to tell that Bill is anything but a normal, healthy cat - or that he is the ripe old age of 15. “He's still running around the house like he's young,” Frostig says. “I have to remember sometimes that he has diabetes.”


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