Eyelid Problems and Squinting in Cats (cont.)


This condition, in which the eyelid rolls in, occurs sporadically as a hereditary defect in Persians and related breeds, but it can occur in any cat because of scarring of the lower lid following a bout of purulent conjunctivitis or a lacerated eyelid. The rolled-in lid produces eye irritation with tearing and severe squinting.

Treatment: Entropion can be corrected surgically.


In cats with this condition, the lower eyelid rolls out from the face, exposing the surface of the eye to irritants. It may be caused by a birth defect, but in most cases it is due to an improperly healed laceration of the lid. This condition is less common than entropion.

Treatment: Surgery may be necessary to tighten the lid and protect the eye.

This article is excerpted from “Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook” with permission from Wiley Publishing, Inc.