Patient Comments: Ovarian Cysts - Symptoms

The symptoms of ovarian cysts can vary greatly from patient to patient. What were your symptoms at the onset of your disease?

Comment from: manda, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 21

I have had abdominal pain since December. I found out I have 2 ovarian cysts one 10 mm on one ovary and 1.5 cm on the other ovary, I am currently on Depo-Provera and have been for 2 years so I do not have any menstrual cycle at all.

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Comment from: ren, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: May 19

My symptoms of ovarian cysts were pressure, lower abdominal pain on both sides, bloating, fatigue, back pain, and cramps.

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Comment from: youngand scared, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: April 23

I"m about to be 22 years old and this afternoon I was woken up by severe pain on my right side. My roommate took me to the prompt care and they did a CT scan thinking that it was going to be kidney stones. When the initial report came back they told me that I had an ovarian cyst rupture but that it shouldn"t cause any long term damage. However I should still see my obstetrician/gynecologist to confirm that that is what it was.

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Comment from: bjs, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: April 01

I have had several cysts requiring surgical intervention. The pain is a sharp stabbing pain that was on the right lower quarter of my abdomen just slightly above my groin.

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Comment from: AJ070214, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 11

I realize that I had pain in the lower area of my right hand side of my stomach and the doctor diagnosed it as appendicitis. The doctor told me once the pain worsened I must go to Accident & Emergency. However, the pain did not worsen but I realized the pain reappeared when I was on my menstrual period like before. I was in so much pain that I went to A & E and the doctor said it seems like it maybe a cyst but I need to have a scan to determine the pain.

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Comment from: Jane, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 01

I had several years of abnormal heavy bleeding every day. My obstetrician-gynecologist was never concerned. I was in pretty bad shape. I went to a new obstetrician-gynecologist and told him the problem. He really wasn't too concerned either. I was bleeding heavily 24 hours a day. Well, several years later I called the doctor's office and told them I was hemorrhaging. They called me back and told me I had an appointment at a one day surgery clinic. Well, 6 hours later they removed a very large fibrous cyst after which I have been in relative good health.

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Comment from: Vero, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 31

I was told in a body check that I have got ovarian cysts on the right side 46*48*52cm. I have no pain, and I just feel everything as normal. The doctor told me to conduct the surgery. I really feel reluctant to.

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Comment from: wirefan, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

I have been having a shooting pain while having sex, on my right side and thought nothing of it. I found out that I was pregnant with my 2nd child on 15 August 2013 only to get admitted to hospital with an expected ectopic pregnancy due to a constant shooting pain from my right hip to my pubic bone. I went and had the ultrasound to find the baby is fine and in my uterus, but I've got a burst cyst on my right ovary causing me to feel extremely ill and nauseous and constant stomach ache.

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Published: July 28

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed at 25 weeks with a 20cm ovarian cyst - right side. Being an herbalist, I refused surgery and changed my diet that day to a totally alkaline diet (vegan - all raw veggies, fruits, nuts and berries with a protein shake/organic vitamins - no processed/prepared animal/vegan foods). And now at 34 weeks, the once complex cyst is now a simple cyst and is currently measured at 9cm and the 'tail' is part of an inflamed intestinal tract, not related to the cyst, that seems to be reducing itself as the cyst becomes smaller. The cyst has been expressing itself over time and I feel the burn from time to time, but am feeling fine overall. I'd had one in 2005 which was 10cm that burst and I survived it with NO surgeries either. But my doctor has NEVER seen a cyst of this size reduce itself and he's still pushing a c-section and ovariectomy. He's even called it different types of cysts, not really knowing what he's looking at - such a letdown. With this sort of progress, I told him there is no way I'll do any surgery till the baby is born, especially since he can't properly diagnose it, and even then I wouldn't do the surgery. I can use herbals that are non-pregnancy friendly once baby is out and safe and stick to a vegan diet (no animal proteins of any kind, no beans or wheats - they are all acid foods). My cell biologist brother in law has done research in cancers and leukemia. It has been his observations in lab settings that cancers, tumors and cysts cannot live in an alkaline environment. So ladies, change your diet and drink your electrolytes and don't forget to exercise/walk. Oh, and this sort of diet surely will keep you all from becoming big fat cows during pregnancy and be healthy for baby. I've only gained 28lbs and am mobile, active and feel good now and all baby vitals are excellent! Hope this helps anyone in some small way.

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