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The symptoms of ovarian cysts can vary greatly from patient to patient. What were your symptoms at the onset of your disease?

Published: July 29

My right side ached (like the feeling you get after running) and I had bad pressure across my belly. It started six months ago, and it doesn't go away unless I sit or lie on my right side. I've had a liver ultrasound, a colonoscopy, a stomach X-ray and a CAT scan, which found a cyst in each kidney and a cyst on each ovary.

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Published: July 18

My 21 year old daughter had been complaining of mid cycle pain since she commenced her period. Our GP investigated but did not order any tests. Once the pain was so severe, she required intramuscular pethidine. Eventually, she could handle the pain no longer and I encouraged her to go to another doctor for testing. She had an ultrasound scan which showed a 6cm simple cyst on her right ovary. Two months later a further scan showed the cyst to be 9cm in size. The pain was getting her down. We took her to a gynecologist who performed a laparoscopic procedure to remove the cyst. Whilst doing this, he discovered a previously undiscovered 12cm dermoid cyst on her left ovary. He felt this was the more likely the actual cause of her pain and had probably been growing since puberty. She is recovering now and we hope this will be the end of her ovarian pain. As her mother, I am annoyed I was unable to get doctors to take her pain seriously and perhaps we could have avoided years of unnecessary pain.

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Published: July 15

When my symptoms first appeared, my husband had to take me to the hospital because I thought my appendix was rupturing. I had sharp pain in my pelvic area on the right side. The hospital said that I had an ovarian cyst and to follow up with my gynecologist. When my regular doctor received the report from the hospital, he called me immediately and said that I had a "hemorrhaging cyst" that needed to be removed immediately. It was the worst pain of my life.

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Published: July 07

I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts when I was 21 yrs old after my doctor sent me to the ER for extreme abdominal pain. From there, we were told to wait and see. About a year later, I got pregnant with my second child. All went well; it was a normal pregnancy and delivery. Now he's 2 years old, and I started cramping again. Not just cramping but a constant pain in my side and back also around my pelvis and thigh, and nausea. I decided to go back to the doctor, and he looked over my history and said it could be the cysts but first I should try antibiotics just in case it was an infection. Two weeks later, I had my ultrasound, and they found a 5 cm cyst on my ovary.

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Published: July 07

I am 51 years old and started to have burning sensations in my legs and could not walk from pain in my legs (started in one and traveled to the other). This was going on for more than two months and then gradually disappeared. Later, I was diagnosed with the cyst in my left ovary. Now after two years, I started to have the same leg pain.

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Published: July 02

My symptoms started with dull lower back pain. Then I started experiencing fullness and hip pain on one side. Finally, there was some blood spotting. That's when I decided to go to the doctor and the cyst was found. If the symptoms don't resolve in the next 30 days, then I will need to have another check up on the cyst because there is a family history of ovarian cancer. Also, I feel like I am bloated and need to go to the bathroom often.

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Published: June 26

I was recently diagnosed with a cyst as well. I'm 25, and had no pain, just some minor twinges on the opposite side of where the cyst was. The doctor was frankly amazed that I did not feel anything as the cyst was 9cm and a lot of women are in excruciating pain for 4 cm. So, you may have no symptoms, like me. I insisted on an ultrasound because I've never been regular on menstruation, and I have a family history of ovarian cysts. Mine was dermoid, thankfully didn't have any bones or anything in there! Sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason to these cysts, but if you even suspect that's what it is, talk to your doctor and insist on tests. I was scheduled for surgery 2 days later, and thankfully I didn't lose my ovary. These cysts are nothing to ignore.

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