Noonan Syndrome

What other names do people use for Noonan syndrome?

  • familial Turner syndrome
  • Female Pseudo-Turner Syndrome
  • Male Turner Syndrome
  • Noonan-Ehmke syndrome
  • pseudo-Ullrich-Turner syndrome
  • Turner-like syndrome
  • Turner's phenotype, karyotype normal
  • Turner syndrome in female with X chromosome
  • Ullrich-Noonan syndrome


"Noonan syndrome." Genetics Home Reference. 30 Dec. 2013.

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  • Noonan Syndrome - Signs and Symptoms

    Please describe the signs associated with Noonan syndrome in you, a friend, or relative.

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  • Noonan Syndrome - Treatment and Resources

    Please share helpful treatments you've received for Noonan syndrome, along with resources about the condition.

  • Noonan Syndrome - Genes

    Do you know which gene is responsible for your Noonan syndrome?


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