nitazoxanide-oral tablet Related Diseases & Conditions

Medications are used to manage a variety of conditions. Our doctors have compiled a list of ailments that the medication nitazoxanide-oral tablet may be used to treat or manage.

  • Diarrhea Diarrhea is a change is the frequency and looseness of bowel movements. Symptoms associated with diarrhea are cramping, abdominal...learn more »
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    Diarrhea Article
    • Diarrhea facts
    • What is diarrhea?
    • What is the definition of diarrhea?
    • What symptoms are associated with diarrhea?
    • What are common causes of acute diarrhea?
    • Traveler's diarrhea
    • Viral gastroenteritis
    • Bacterial enterocolitis
    • Food poisoning
    • Parasites
    • Drugs
    • What are common causes of chronic diarrhea?
    • What kind of a doctor treats diarrhea?
    • When should the doctor be called for diarrhea?
    • How is the cause of diarrhea diagnosed?
    • What home remedies help the symptoms of diarrhea?
    • What medications are used to treat diarrhea?
    • When should antibiotics be used for diarrhea?
    • What are the complications of diarrhea?
    • How can dehydration be prevented and treated?
    • What about treatment of diarrhea in infants and young children?
    • What about treating diarrhea in older children and adults?
  • Cryptosporidiosis Cryptosporidiosis is an intestinal disease caused by the Cryptosporidium parasite. Symptoms include watery diarrhea, stomach...learn more »
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    Cryptosporidiosis Article
    • Cryptosporidiosis facts*
    • What is cryptosporidiosis?
    • How is cryptosporidiosis spread?
    • What are the symptoms of cryptosporidiosis?
    • How long after infection do symptoms appear?
    • How long will symptoms last?
    • Who is most at risk for cryptosporidiosis?
    • Who is most at risk for getting seriously ill with cryptosporidiosis?
    • What should I do if I think I may have cryptosporidiosis?
    • How is a cryptosporidiosis diagnosed?
    • What is the treatment for cryptosporidiosis?
    • I have been diagnosed with cryptosporidiosis, should I worry about spreading the infection to others?