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Quick GuidePlastic Surgery: Before and After Photos of Cosmetic Surgeries

Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos of Cosmetic Surgeries

What is the expected recovery from a neck lift?

Recovery takes time and it's important that you're patient with the process. Most people can return to work in 10-14 days.

If you participate in other sports or are physically active, you will have to wait at least three weeks, if not longer, to resume those activities. Don't rush! It's not worth it. You've put a lot of time and energy into making this happen, so make it worthwhile.

What are the complications and side effects of neck lift surgery?

You will have swelling and bruising that can last for several days. You may feel tightness or tingling, and different sensations including burning or pulling. You also will experience numbness. These are all very normal in the first few weeks following surgery and should not be cause for concern.

As with any surgery, you run the risk of infection. Please keep a watchful eye on your temperature. At the first sign of a fever, contact your doctor. If you have unusual discharge from the incision site, such as pus, contact your doctor immediately.

Although it's very rare, you could have an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. That's why it's very important to disclose any drug allergies to your doctor in a pre-operative consultation.

Does insurance cover this procedure?

Insurance carriers are all different, but one thing is the same: They typically agree NOT to cover elective, cosmetic surgery.

If your procedures will in any way correct a medical condition, it's important that you express this to your insurance carrier. Your surgeon can write a letter detailing your case.

Also, it's important to realize that cosmetic or plastic surgery can affect future coverage under certain insurance carriers. It can also affect your premiums. Make sure you ask your insurance carrier about how your future coverage or premiums will be affected should you undergo any of these procedures.

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