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Mumps facts

  • Mumps is a highly contagious viral infection with an incubation period of 14-18 days from exposure to onset of symptoms. The duration of the disease is approximately 10 days.
  • The initial symptoms of mumps infection are nonspecific (low-grade fever, malaise, headache, muscle aches, and loss of appetite). The classic finding of parotid gland tenderness and swelling generally develops the third day of illness. The diagnosis is generally made without the need for laboratory tests.
  • Serious complications of mumps include meningitis, encephalitis, deafness, and orchitis.
  • The MMR vaccine provides 80% effective immunity against mumps following a two-dosage schedule (12-15 months with booster at 4-6 years of age).
  • No specific therapy exists for mumps. Warm or cold packs for the parotid gland tenderness and swelling is helpful. Pain relievers (acetaminophen [Tylenol] and ibuprofen [Advil]) are also helpful.

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Mumps Virus Still Around

Mumps has not disappeared in the United States, and the MMR(measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine is the best way to prevent the disease.

  • Check your child's immunization record or contact the doctor to see whether your childhas already received the MMR vaccine.
  • Get your child vaccinated on time; visit the immunization schedulerfor newborn to 6-year-old children.
  • Remember that some older children and adults also need MMR vaccine; review the .
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of mumps.
  • Report suspect mumps cases to your doctor right away.



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