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Published: June 09

My husband, 86, has 2 year history of PAD & PVD with chronic ankle ulcers. Current ulcer is positive for MRSA and will be treated with IV Cubicin 350 mg IV q 24 hours x 2 weeks. Femoral angioplasty is being considered. He has moderate emphysema. Non-smoker, non diabetic.

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Published: June 05

I had a 'pimple' on my upper thigh at the end of March and popped it. Within a week it turned hard and black and I ran a 103 degree fever and went to the ER where they numbed the area with lidocaine and cut out most of the infection within. A swab was taken to culture, and I was admitted and needed surgery the next morning to remove the rest of the infection, which went down to the muscle in my thigh. I was diagnosed within 48 hours I had MRSA in my blood as well as at the infection site. I was on Vancomycin via IV round the clock in the hospital for 13 days, then for 14 additional days at the hospital as an out patient. I am now 2-1/2 months past my MRSA infection and surgery and have yet to get my strength back. Tonight I have a sore throat and I'm feeling pretty lousy. My temperature is only 96 degrees, so I'm calling my doctor in the morning. Hopefully I only have a cold and not a re-emergence of MRSA.

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Published: June 04

I had to have a Hysterectomy and ovaries taken out and they took fat around my intestines and my appendix as a preventive measure to cancer - I had to stay in hospital for 4 nights and was told I could leave on the 5th day. I had an infection Urinary Tract Infection got pills from a clinic but called the doctor - they tested me for infections. I was told by a phone call that I have MRSA - I think am a carrier because they are not giving me anything for it but told me to make sure to wipe down the surfaces I use when in bathroom and to wash my hands often etc. I am very sad - they put this in my medical card so now anywhere I go the hospitals will know that am MRSA+. Gosh am very sad

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Published: June 03

My wife was bitten by a brown recluse five years ago. She then contracted mrsa it bunched in her l4 and l5 spinal vertebrae. The docs thought it was a terrible herniated disk. It was not it was MRSA. The doctor said he had never encountered such an incident in his career. She has since had 4 skin grafts on her leg shin. None would take. Her whole bottom left leg is nothing but skinless meat. We have to wrap it 3-4 times daily and she is currently scheduled for one more shot at a skin graft. If this one does not take we are afraid she will lose it. The back of the leg is dermatitis and sores that itch so uncontrollable that in her sleep she scratches it until blood and sores are everywhere. I too have contracted MRSA and was given doxycycline and Bactrim together. I'm not sure this was a proper combination because I have had other breakouts (severe) I also feel weak and useless after an hour or two of working.

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Published: June 02

About 4 years ago I had MRSA and I thought that I had gotten bitten by a spider because it was a big pimple looking boil that hurt like hell. Well gradually it began to spread to different parts of my body like the backs of my legs and arms and that's when I knew something wasn't quite right. I was always feeling sick and sore like I couldn't move anywhere without being in excruciating pain. Well after a few months of having this so called MRSA I had went to a doctor and they told me that it was because my body had gotten immune to antibiotics and that the only way for it to release itself was through these sores.

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Published: May 23

My two year old daughter has MRSA. She had it first about two months ago and, was treated but now it is back almost like it has never went away. It is back in the same exact spot as before except this time it is spreading more rapidly. Just recently my 12 year old daughter got it as well and was treated and seems to be doing great. Unfortunately I fear for my two year olds life.

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Published: July 01

I got MRSA in my nose from a pimple-like bump that then became a serious infection. It was very sore, red and tender for around two weeks. It went away with medications and treatment, but now it's been gone for around two months, but I seem to have the symptoms of it again except now it's on my arm.

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