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Question:How was your MRSA treated?

Comment from: susan, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 07

I was hospitalized the first time and given an introvienice broad-spectrum antibiotic for two weeks and continued orally for an additional two weeks. I wasn't tested further for infection or to see if it had cleared. I've had two more infections since, but no continued testing after treatment.

Comment from: Vicki, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 24

I have been treated several times for MRSA. Bactrim. They have lanced several and packed them. It goes away temporarily with the antibiotic, but always returns. I cannot seeem to get rid of it. I keep getting it in the same area around the buttocks. I have bleached my entire house. I wash my hands at work. Please help. I'm looking for a specialist. I have to get rid of this.

Comment from: lynmarie0123, 75 or over Female (Caregiver) Published: September 18

I'm a caregiver for my 92 year old father who now has MRSA. It started as a rash type outbreak on both shoulder blades. It was so itchy he couldn't stop scratching and it later developed into shingles, then MRSA. The constant scratching is what caused it, the irritation. He was given Famvir for the shingles, then 2 oral antibiotics, doxycycline and SVM something or other, along with 60 mgs daily of Acidophillus. These 2 medications made my dad deathly ill, so now he only takes the doxy/acid together. The doctor lanced, drained the pus, and the infection over a course of 3 painful days. It continues to be extremely itchy and painful. I have to let it air dry for one hour a day, then repack for 10 consecutive days. Both he and I were also prescribed a nasal cream/ointment. It's pretty scary.

Comment from: TMRH, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 31

I believe that I contacted MRSA while in the hospital giving birth. Initially identified as a spider bite, my first experience only ended after a round of antibiotics. Bactroban/mupirocin works to a certain extent, but only after the bumps have surfaced. After suffering for more than 7 years with MRSA, I have been taking Oracea on a daily basis. It is a time-release doxycycline, that keeps the boils and pain problems at bay. It is very expensive, but I see a problem if I miss one dosage, so it is mandatory that I take it. It has given me the most relief.

Comment from: jenny, Published: March 14

I had MRSA a few months ago. It started out with what I thought was a spider bite on the back of my thigh. It was itchy and painful and had a black center. It became swollen very quickly, so I decided to go to a doctor. They prescribed me with Bactrim, which didn't seem to do anything. Eventually, the boil popped and even though I know you're not supposed to squeeze it, I knew I needed to get all of that crap out of there. A friend of mine had MRSA a few months earlier, and he told me to buy Hibiclens. This product is seriously the best on the market. I used it every day until my wound had fully closed up, and I still use it every once in a while. MRSA is so scary and I still find myself waiting for another one to pop up. So far so good though. Good luck. Popping it/getting it lanced was the most important step for me.

Published: October 13

I am desperate. My daughter has now been diagnosed with MRSA for the second time (wound on skin). Her fiance has had it once and her year-old baby was hospitalized with this condition as well. She has seen an infectious disease specialist and all anyone does is throw antibiotics at all of them. I am very afraid. I am an RN and I feel the entire family should be decolonized and treated more aggressively. I am terrified of the "super bug" thing developing.

Comment from: mistreated, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 29

I was diagnosed with MRSA before having surgery and was untreated even after surgery and the weeks following. I got MRSA in my incision, causing a hole in my belly. I had to pack dressings on my wound. This took three months to heal and now they (the hospital) are denying everything, saying I was treated. MRSA is not any fun to have and hard to treat when it is so bad.

Comment from: luckyones, 65-74 Male (Caregiver) Published: January 27

Last year, my husband developed MRSA. A pimple appeared on his right buttock. When it burst, the infection went inward causing nausea and dreadful pain. A cocktail of antibiotics were given daily for three to four months while in the hospital. By it being in such a sensitive area, he needed a colostomy bag placed until infection healed. They cut away dead tissue four different times until it was all gone. He's great now, and the colostomy bag was removed. His bottom had a wide maybe 4-inch-wide opening that was 1-inch deep. The wound vac wouldn't stay on. What healed him was the cocktail of antibiotics.

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