Monkeypox (cont.)

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Where can people get more information about monkeypox?

Additional information about monkeypox can be found at these web sites:

"Monkeypox," Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


"Updated Interim CDC Guidance for Use of Smallpox Vaccine, Cidofovir, and Vaccinia Immune Globulin (VIG) for Prevention and Treatment in the Setting of an Outbreak of Monkeypox Infections," Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

What research is being done on monkeypox?

Research is ongoing with monkeypox virus. For example, prairie dogs are being used as animal models to test the effectiveness of vaccinations. Several studies are using animal models to test the effectiveness of several antiviral drugs to reduce or eliminate symptoms in experimental infections. Because of the close relationship of smallpox to monkeypox, genetic comparison and genetic alteration studies are likely to be available in the future, along with more rapid detection tests.


Keckler, M., D. Carroll, N. Gallardo-Romero, et al. "Establishment of the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys Luudovicianus) as a Novel Animal Model for Comparing Smallpox Vaccines Administered Preexposure in Both High- and Low-Dose Monkeypox Virus Challenges." J. Virol 85.15 (2011): 7683-7698.

Reynolds, M., D. Carroll, V. Olson, et al. "A Silent Enzootic of an Orthopoxvirus in Ghana, West Africa: Evidence for Multi-Species Involvement in the Absence of Widespread Human Disease." Am J Trop Med Hyg 82.4 (2010): 746-754.

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