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Question:Please describe your experience with mold.

Comment from: Barbara J., 13-18 Male (Caregiver) Published: February 10

My son has had to stay home from school almost every other week for the last few months. Last week, he said that he needed to go home (from school) because he wasn't feeling well. That evening he had 102.7 fever. Early this week, he started showing cold/allergy symptoms and again has been home for the last couple of days. I was helping him pack his backpack this morning and noticed a foul smell; he had an old lunch or two that rotted in his backpack, who knows for how long. This is not the first time this has happened. I removed everything (binders, notebooks, etc.) and wiped them down with a Lysol wipe, then replaced the backpack. I started to look into effects of mold and found that mold exposure causes respiratory type illnesses and fevers. My son has had these type of things forever, all unexplainable. I might have found the culprit. His symptoms only last for a day, or two. I've had to replace his backpack five times in the last couple of years due to the same problem. No more lunches or snacks (bananas, sandwiches, etc.) in his backpack from now on, until he is capable of removing them after school.

Comment from: Beader, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 30

Two years ago, there were nodules present in a CT scan, but I was not told at the time. In the first part of November, I had to go the same E.R. for shortness of breath and coughing, hands and legs and ankles swelling. This time I was told of the nodules. In two years they had grown from a 5mm to a 13mm in size. They did a P.E.T. scan and it showed positive for solution going into the nodules. There was another nodule behind my heart and multiple others, smaller in size. The doctor wasn't sure if it was Cancer or not, so he de did the biopsy and it turned out to be BLACK MOLD POISIONING! So, he had to remove my lower lobe of my lung and go into my throat and behind my heart and then remove that one and then get the rest. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS! I knew my basement was wet and did all kinds of stuff to stop it, but just NOW finally stopped it after living in the mold for eleven years. PLEASE, if your house smells musty and your basement gets wet. Go to extreme measures to get the problem solved. This was a very scary and PAINFUL surgery. I am doing very good and hope to be released to go back to work next week! Praise the Lord!

Comment from: dmo8647, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: April 21

I have had a pile of mulch outside... wet underneath. I cannot handle myself so got help having it ground up. But the mold is still there and I"m coughing all the time for over a week. I have runny nose and aches and pains in shoulders and arms.

Comment from: Collette, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 24

I had been suffering from mold sickness for years. The doctors kept bouncing me around from this person to that person. They gave me lots of different tests but none that confirmed that I had mold or toxins from the mold in my body. So I started to do my own research and found a clinic that specialized in this type of environmental illness. Needless to say, they treated me as a whole not basing their conclusions based just on my symptoms which could have been any number of things. It is 2 months later and I am feeling almost my normal self again. Until the doctors out there get of their high horse start listening to their patients and re-educate themselves on this subject, many people are going to remain sick, as long as that arrogance and ignorance is continued to be permitted by the medical profession.

Comment from: SandyB, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: May 09

Hello and mold problems began in the 60's after the ER doctor told me I would have been dead within the hour from an allergy. He asked what I had been doing and I told him riding a horse when the attack of not breathing properly began. He told me not to do it again or I could die and get to an allergist ASAP. He gave me some little white pills to put under my tongue until the allergist could get the problem under control. I have shots through the years. Until last year I had no attacks at all and a violent attack. Thank God one of the allergist told me never to be without Benadryl ever in my life in case of an attack. I am so happy I listened and was never without Benadryl. It saved my life. Now after a year of shots I had another awful attack with throat closing and throwing up. The doctors, family and allergists had me keep an EpiPen near me at all times and thank God also Benadryl. It appears tea is a big mold issue as I was always drinking tea when the attacks happened but I never suspected black tea. Then I read about mold on black tea leaves and it all made a pattern over the last 59 years. Mold always proved to be the offended with allergy tests etc. So now I am better not ever touching tea again. I drank about 5 cups of hot tea a day plus iced tea. So the allergist told me another year of shots for mold recently. Thank you for this site.

Comment from: gigi, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 09

When visiting St Louis just weeks ago, I experienced severe swelling of the hands and feets and hives on my legs and arms. I have some allergies here in Colorado, but nothing has ever happened to me like this. Watching the local news, the mold count was very high and now I'm worrying if this was my trouble. Upon returning to Colorado I haven't had any problems.

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