methoxsalen (8-MOP, Oxsoralen Ultra) (cont.)

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  • Patients must not sunbathe 24 hours before methoxsalen administration and UV exposure because a sunburn may prevent an accurate evaluation of the response to treatment.
  • UVA-absorbing wrap-around sunglasses designed to prevent entry of radiation to the eyes should be worn during the day for 24 hours after methoxsalen administration.
  • Patients must avoid sun exposure, including through-the window or through cloud cover, for at least 8 hours after methoxsalen administration. Hat and gloves, and/or sunscreens with SPF equal to or greater than 15 should be used if sun exposure cannot be avoided. Sunscreens should be applied to all areas of the body exposed to the sun (including lips). However, sunscreens should not be applied to areas affected by psoriasis until after treatment in the UVA chamber.


  • The recommended oral dose for treating psoriasis is 10 to 70 mg every other day with milk or food 2 hours before UVA exposure. The dose is based on weight.

Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma

  • The recommended initial oral dose for treating cutaneous T-Cell lymphoma is 0.6 mg/kg. Ann additional 10 mg should be taken if the blood concentration of methoxsalen is less than 50 ng/ml.


  • The recommended oral dose for treating vitiligo is 20 mg every other day with milk or food 2 to 4 hr before UVA exposure. The dose must not exceed 0.6 mg/kg since larger doses may result in serious skin burns.
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