methenamine/meth blue/salicylate/sod phos/hyoscyamine - oral, Urelle, Urimar-T, Urogesic-Blu

GENERIC NAME: METHENAMINE/METH BLUE/SALICYLATE/SOD PHOS/HYOSCYAMINE - ORAL (meth-EN-uh-meen/METH-ih-leen blue/sa-LI-si-late/SOE-dee-um FOS-fate/hye-oh-SYE-a-meen)

BRAND NAME(S): Urelle, Urimar-T, Urogesic-Blue

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USES: This medication is used to relieve discomfort, pain, frequent urges to urinate, and cramping/spasms of the urinary tract caused by an infection or a medical procedure. Methenamine and methylene blue are antiseptic drugs that help to clear a urinary tract infection. Salicylate is a pain reliever. Sodium phosphate makes the urine more acidic, which helps the drug methenamine work better. Hyoscyamine is an antispasmodic drug that relaxes muscle cramps/spasms.This product alone is not a cure for a serious urinary tract infection. If you have a bacterial infection, an antibiotic is usually prescribed to treat it. Consult your doctor for more details.This medication is not recommended for use in children younger than 6 years.

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