maraviroc (Selzentry)

Type of Drug: Chemokine Coreceptor Antagonist

To infect a cell, HIV must bind to two types of molecules on the cell's surface.

One of these is called a chemokine coreceptor. Drugs known as chemokine coreceptor antagonists block the virus from binding to the molecules.

Note: Because the drug level of Selzentry in your body is affected by many medications, the recommended dosage of Selzentry depends on what other medications you are taking. It is important to discuss this with your medical provider before you start taking Selzentry or any other medication.

Approved adult dosing

one 300 mg tablet, two times a day (standard dosage)

  • Morning

Picture of HIV drug Selzentry (maraviroc) 300 mg tablets

Selzentry 300 mg

  • Evening

Picture of HIV drug Selzentry (maraviroc) 300 mg tablets

Selzentry 300 mg

Note: Other HIV medications compatible with this dosage: Aptivus, AZT, Emtriva, Epivir, Fuzeon, Videx-EC, Viramune, Viread, Zerit, Ziagen; consult your medical provider

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