LTK Laser Eye Surgery

Quick GuideLASIK Eye Surgery: Better Vision with Laser Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery: Better Vision with Laser Surgery

How Should I Prepare for LTK Laser Eye Surgery?

Before your LTK laser eye surgery you will meet with a coordinator who will discuss what you should expect during and after the surgery. During this session your medical history will be evaluated and your eyes will be tested. Likely tests include measuring corneal thickness, refraction, and pupil dilation. Once you have gone through your evaluation, you will meet the surgeon, who will answer any further questions you may have. Afterwards, you can schedule an appointment for the procedure.

If you wear rigid gas permeable contact lenses, you should not wear them for three weeks before your surgery. Other types of contact lenses shouldn't be worn for at least three days prior to surgery. Be sure to bring your eyeglasses to the surgeon so your prescription can be reviewed.

On the day of your surgery, eat a light meal before going to the doctor and take all of your prescribed medications. Do not wear eye makeup or have any bulky accessories in your hair that will interfere with positioning your head under the laser. If you do not feel well that morning, call the doctor's office to determine whether the procedure needs to be postponed.

What Happens During the LTK Laser Eye Surgery?

LTK laser eye surgery is done under a local anesthesia. During LTK laser eye surgery, a laser beam uses heat to shrink and reshape the cornea. Vision is corrected in a matter of seconds, without any cutting or removal of tissue.

What Should I Expect After LTK Laser Eye Surgery?

After LTK laser eye surgery, most doctors will schedule follow-up appointments for the next day as well as for one week, one month, and 3-6 months after LTK laser eye surgery. To prevent infection or any irritation that may occur, you will be given antibiotic drops as well as anti-inflammatory drops to take for one week after LTK laser eye surgery.

As previously mentioned, for the first week after LTK laser eye surgery it is common to experience nearsightedness, however as the regression slows your distance vision will improve considerably. From the end of the first week to 3 months following LTK laser eye surgery, you should expect some fluctuations of vision.

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