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What caused your blood pressure to be abnormally low?

Published: June 30

My blood pressure can be very low on hot days, like 81 over 56. My heart rate is still high (92), I don't understand it, but I make sure I'm hydrated.

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Published: June 24

I am a 53-year old man that's in pretty good shape. I work out at the gym 3-times a week, 20-minutes on the bicycle and 30 on weights. Prior to my working out, I was very stressed at work and faced a 90-minute commute to work in rush hour traffic both ways. My doctor recorded 3 BP readings of 150+ over 90+ and put me on Diovan. I am now averaging around 100/65 and feel a little tired most of the time and I get dizzy when I stand up too fast. Yesterday it was 96 over 58. I've noticed since being on the Diovan that it's hard to get a good steady urine stream going. It starts and stops. I just had a physical and the ole prostrate turned out fine. I wonder if the Diovan is causing the starting and stopping?

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Published: June 20

I'm 13, and my doctor told me I have low blood pressure. I went to the doctor because every time I stood up from sitting down, I would get dizzy, I passed out once. My doctor said that it might be because of low blood pressure, I believe so too. But what makes the low blood pressure situation bad is that I was recently diagnosed with OSD (Osgood-Schlatter Disease). It isn't permanent; it'll go away when I'm 17 or so. It's basically a bone in both of my knees that wants to pull off every time I run, it is very painful, and when the pain does come after a long day, my feet ache too. So it's probably going to be even harder to lose this low blood pressure without being able to do any activity. But the most crazy thing is the reason that I got low blood pressure. I think it was because of stress from school. I went to a catholic school, and the school was so bad, and so loud I got stressed, VERY stressed, each day I would pray that I would never have to go there again, I was stressed mentally and physically. I believe that is why I got low blood pressure. Through all that I managed to keep an 80% average on every report card from grade 7 to 8.

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Published: June 18

I've always had low blood pressure. I've passed out a few times. I'm 55 now and today it is 120/55. My pulse is 62. Recently I took two treadmill tests and both results said I showed signs of ischemia and my heart was all over the place. I know what ischemia is, but no one will tell me what to do for it. I've always exercised, and I swim. I'm active, but it is becoming more and more exhausting.

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Published: June 13

I have been being treated for hypertension. My blood pressure has reached 210/110 and normally was running around 190/98. My doctor put me on clonidine-0.1mg, atenolol-50mg, amlodipine-10mg, and lisinopril-20mg to lower my blood pressure. After about 1 month my blood pressure has dropped to 92/52. I have been extremely weak, I have had dizzy spells, absolutely no energy and just felt half dead. I have not been able to work because I am on my feet at work and too dizzy and weak. Today, he has decided to take away the clonidine but I have read that it is dangerous to stop taking this med abruptly.

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Published: June 11

I typically have a lower BP but periodically, it really crashes. I have a BP cuff and right now, it is 75/44 - I have been exhausted all day. I wish I knew why it crashers; my doc doesn't seem too concerned by it but when it drops under 85 it affects my ability to work, play, etc. I believe the lowest I have crashed has been about 55/45. All I want to do is sleep. Sometimes, eating salty foods help. I have had my normal volume of water today, maybe that is contributing. I have been advised to be sure people know about my low BP if I ever need surgery.

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Published: June 10

A combination of factors - dehydration, physical and mental exhaustion, lack of exercise for a long period, followed by vigorous sudden exercise, and hyperthermia.

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Published: June 09

I am post chemo and Radiation. I have always had normal low blood pressure but now it jumps down, lowest 60 over 40 in ER. All blood work came back just peachy and docs were baffled, The saline IV seemed to slowly bring it up. So I drank a lot of water, plain and with electrolytes.

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