Knee Pain

Find out more about the causes, treatment, and various symptoms of knee pain.

Your Knee Pain: Is It Chondromalacia?

Chondromalacia, technically termed chondromalacia patellae, is the most common cause of chronic knee pain. The condition is also called the patellofemoral syndrome.

Picture of Knee Joint

What are knee pain symptoms and signs?

The location of the knee pain can vary depending on which structure is involved. With infection or an inflammatory process, the whole knee might be swollen and painful, while a torn meniscus or fracture of a bone gives symptoms only in one specific location.

The severity of the pain can vary, from a minor ache to a severe and disabling pain.

Some of the other findings that accompany knee pain are

  • difficulty walking due to instability of the knee,
  • limping due to discomfort,
  • difficulty walking up or down steps due to ligament damage,
  • locking of the knee (unable to bend the knee),
  • redness and swelling,
  • inability to extend the knee. Continue Reading
Reviewed on 4/15/2016
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