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The symptoms of kidney failure can vary greatly from patient to patient. What were your symptoms at the onset of your disease?

Published: July 23

When I had kidney failure, I had puffy eyes, my eyelids were twitching on their own, and I was urinating constantly around menstruation time or leading up to my period. I was also retaining loads of water and gaining weight around that time. I felt weak, my knees began to hurt, I had lower back discomfort, and I was extremely cold when entering places with air conditioning. I was dizzy sometimes, especially at night when lying down. My hair was breaking constantly, I was sleepy constantly, and I had no energy.

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Published: July 16

HI i got kidney problem but when i went to checkup the doc said it normal and i when to c another doc he said my kidney is spoil... n i got blood and protien in my urine(potasiums)so can u explain to me about it

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Published: July 14

Because I was getting older, I went in for blood work for a surgery and all my blood work was out of whack. My blood pressure was very high. My doctor put me on water pills and blood pressure medicine. Three months later, I was swelling and sleeping 14 to 16 hours a day. I had no energy. I went back to the doctor, and they took many tests. No one had taken a urine test, so I asked for one. I had protein in my urine, so they sent me to a kidney doctor. They tried many things in 18 months to try to keep me from dialysis, but nothing worked. A year and a half later, they put me on dialysis. I have been on it since February of 2008. I feel better then I did, but I wish that I would have started dialysis before I got so bad. They took 37 pounds of fluid off of me in a very short time. I am trying to get on a kidney transplant list.

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Published: July 14

I had a bad infection, so my doctor put me on an IV antibiotic at home. A few days later, my legs began to swell very bad. Also, I was vomiting, had chills all the time, and had periods of convulsions a few times. I have never felt so horrible in my life. I gained almost 20 pounds and it all seemed to remain in my lower body (legs, feet and abdomen). Currently, I am beginning classes on living with kidney failure as well as having my family and close friends searching for a living kidney donor.

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Published: July 08

Since 1999 have had yearly stent changes in my ureter which have caused kidneys to worsen over the years. Started having pain yesterday in the area of my left kidney and Ibuprophen (4 tabs 2X daily) is not working. Pain returns after a few minutes. I have my annual physical tomorrow and will have the doc check it further (blood work done Saturday). Hopefully creatinine level was checked.

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Published: June 27

I had over time lost my appetite and became more and more winded. I could walk shorter and shorter distances. I was constantly panting and became very confused, and had great pain in my sides and was taken to the emergency room where they told me I had complete kidney failure and had just gotten there in time. I am now in treatment and trying to coax them back to life.

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Published: June 23

I was always full of energy and a very out going woman until I was shocked with my hemoglobin dropping to 7 in my first pregnancy then going to 9 after delivery. The doctors did all kind of tests: blood, urine, ultrasound and even two bone marrow aspirations searching for any kind of disease or cancer. Their conclusion was that maybe my body is just like that. After one year when I started to feel more tired, had no energy to do anything and had an irritating feeling of pressure in my hands, I went again to see a doctor that immediately requested a kidney function blood test and ultrasound. She called me the next day to tell me I had stage 4 kidney disease.

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Published: June 17

I had been anemic for about 7 yrs but doctors did not find out why because they were giving me all sorts of tests using dye (harms kidneys) because they thought I had cancer of the stomach, lungs or some other organ in my body. When they did not find it they gave up. I eventually became so fatigued I had to quit my job. I had a very unpleasant heart beat at times-too fast or skipping beats & itching all over my body. The doctor didn't believe me because there was no rash. Kidney disease is overlooked by the medical profession!

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