Khat (cont.)

Who uses Khat?

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  • The use of Khat is an established cultural tradition for many social situations in the areas of primary cultivation: East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Several million people may currently be using Khat worldwide.
  • The largest concentrations of users are in the regions surrounding the Middle East.

How does Khat get to the United States?

  • Khat, while illegal in the United States, is legal in much of Europe, East Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Individuals of East African and Middle Eastern descent are mot often responsible for the importation, distribution, possession, and use of Khat in the United States.
  • Khat is usually shipped already packaged in bundles, and wrapped in plastic bags or banana leaves to retain moisture and freshness.
  • Khat is generally smuggled in passenger luggage, overnight express mail, or shipped as air cargo and falsely labeled as "vegetables."

How much does Khat cost?

  • Exactly prices are not known, but Khat is a relatively costly drug.

SOURCE: United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Khat.

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