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Schenectady Pediatric Rheumatologist Doctors for Juvenile Arthritis

Type of Physician: Pediatric Rheumatologist

What is a Pediatric Rheumatologist? A subspecialty certification by the Board of Pediatrics; practitioners treat the infant, child, or adolescent with rheumatic disease (causing painful disability in the muscles, tendons, bones, joints or nerves). He or she also participates in the prevention, understanding, and treatment of the various rheumatic disorders and also promotes understanding of the basic mechanisms of the disease in the interrelated areas of immunology, genetics, inflammation, and infectious diseases.

Specialty: Pediatric Rheumatology

Common Name:

Pediatric Rheumatologist Doctors in Schenectady *

  • 2

    Deborah Rothman
    Albany Medical Center Pediatric Infectious Diseases & Rheumatology
    47 New Scotland Ave
    Albany, NY 12208
    (518) 262-5332

    • 27 years experience
    • 1 office location(s)
  • 3

    Lilliana Barillas
    Albany Medical Center Pediatric Infectious Diseases & Rheumatology
    47 New Scotland Ave
    Albany, NY 12208
    (518) 262-5332

    • 15 years experience
    • 1 office location(s)
  • 4

    Brianna P. Sanson
    Albany Medical Center Pediatric Infectious Diseases & Rheumatology
    47 New Scotland Ave
    Albany, NY 12208
    (518) 262-5332

    • 1 office location(s)

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Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) facts

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  • Children of European ancestry are more likely to develop the condition while those of...

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  • In case of Emergency, call 911

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