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    • Tuberculosis (TB) Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB). Symptoms and signs of TB include bloody sputum, fever,...learn more »
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      Tuberculosis (TB) Article
      • Tuberculosis (TB) facts
      • What is tuberculosis?
      • Are there different types of tuberculosis (TB)?
      • What causes tuberculosis?
      • What are risk factors for tuberculosis?
      • What are tuberculosis symptoms and signs?
      • Is TB contagious, and how long is the incubation period and contagious period?
      • How do physicians diagnose tuberculosis?
      • What is the treatment for tuberculosis?
      • What types of doctors treat TB?
      • What are complications of tuberculosis?
      • What is the prognosis of tuberculosis?
      • How can people prevent tuberculosis?
    • Mycobacterium Marinum Mycobacterium marinum (M. marinum) is bacteria found in fresh and saltwater that can infect the skin through cuts or scrapes,...learn more »
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      Mycobacterium Marinum Article
      • What is Mycobacterium marinum?
      • What are other names for Mycobacterium marinum infections?
      • How common is Mycobacterium marinum?
      • How does a person get infected with Mycobacterium marinum?
      • Are Mycobacterium marinum infections contagious?
      • Who is at risk for Mycobacterium marinum infection?
      • What are the symptoms of Mycobacterium marinum infection?
      • What specialists treat Mycobacterium marinum infections?
      • What tests are available to diagnose a Mycobacterium marinum infection?
      • Do fish get infected with Mycobacterium marinum?
      • What is the treatment for a Mycobacterium marinum infection?
      • What is the prognosis for those infected with Mycobacterium marinum?
      • What are possible complications from Mycobacterium marinum?
      • What else could it be?
      • How can I prevent this infection?

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