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What is the prognosis for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?

Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic disease with symptoms that tend to come and go. The overall prognosis for patients with IBS depends on the severity and frequency of symptoms, and the patient's ability to control these symptoms, whether by diet, lifestyle changes, or medications.

In general, there are few complications associated with IBS other than the symptoms of the disease itself. If someone has hemorrhoids, the diarrhea and constipation associated with IBS may irritate them. Also, too strict a diet that limits nutrients could cause problems related to lack of proper nutrition.

IBS does not lead to colon cancer, rectal bleeding, or inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis.

There is no known cure for IBS, but there are many treatment options to reduce or eliminate symptoms. Good communication with a doctor is important to help manage this condition.


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