iron dextran, Dexferrum, INFeD, Pri-Dextra (cont.)

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PREPARATIONS: Iron dextran solution is available in 2 ml single dose vials for injection, containing 50 mg of elemental iron per ml.

DRUG INTERACTIONS: No clinically important drug-drug interactions between iron dextran and other medications have been reported by the manufacturer.

PREGNANCY AND BREASTFEEDING SAFETY: There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Iron dextran should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus. Small amounts of iron dextran are excreted into human milk. Iron dextran should be used cautiously in pregnant women.

STORAGE: Iron dextran should be stored at room temperature, between 68 F and 77 F (20 C to 25 C).

DOSING: Iron dextran is injected into a vein or the muscles of the buttocks. The recommended dose for adults is 25-100 mg intravenously or deep into the muscle of the buttock everyday as needed. The maximum dose is 100 mg (2 mL) a day


  • Iron dextran is an injectable form of iron used to treat iron-deficiency anemia, a condition in which the blood doesn't have enough healthy red blood cells because of a deficiency of available iron.
  • It is only used to treat patients who cannot be adequately treated with oral iron supplements.
  • Iron is an important mineral and is a necessary component of red blood cells and their ability to carry oxygen. Iron supplements replenish iron in the body and allow the transportation of oxygen.
  • The FDA approved iron dextran in April, 1974.

REFERENCE: FDA Full Prescribing Information

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