Infectious Mononucleosis (cont.)

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What are the symptoms of mono?

The initial symptoms of mono are

These initial symptoms can last from one to three days before the more intense symptoms of the illness begin. The more common intense symptoms include

It is typically the severe sore throat that prompts people to contact their doctor.

What are the signs of mono?

In addition to a fever from 102 F-104 F, the most common signs of mono are

The tonsils have a whitish coating in at least one-third of the cases. The spleen (sometimes referred to as the body's biggest lymph node) is an organ found in the left upper abdomen underneath the rib cage, which becomes enlarged or swollen in about half of patients with mono. An enlarged liver and abnormalities in liver function tests (blood tests) may be detected (see Complications, below). Some of patients have a splotchy red rash over the body, which has a similar appearance to the rash of measles. Early in the course of disease (over the first few days of illness), a temporary swelling (edema) of both upper eyelids may appear.

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