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Laparoscopic supra cervical hysterectomy

The laparoscopic supra cervical hysterectomy procedure is performed like the LAVH procedure, but the uerus is separated from the cervix, and the uterine tissue is removed through the laparoscopic incision. Recovery is generally faster than with other types of hysterectomy. Cervical preservation is less likely to result in menses (menstruation) as the inner lining of the cervix is usually cauterized.

Radical hysterectomy

The radical hysterectomy procedure involves more extensive surgery than a total abdominal hysterectomy because it also includes removing tissues surrounding the uterus and removal of the upper vagina. Radical hysterectomy is most commonly performed for early cervical cancer. There are more complications with radical hysterectomy compared to abdominal hysterectomy. These include injury to the bowels and urinary system.

Oophorectomy and salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries or Fallopian tubes)

Oophorectomy is the surgical removal of the ovary(s), while salpingo-oophorectomy is the removal of the ovary and its adjacent Fallopian tube. These two procedures are performed for ovarian cancer, removal of suspicious ovarian tumors, or Fallopian tube cancer (which is very rare). They may also be performed due to complications of infection, or in combination with hysterectomy for cancer. Occasionally, women with inherited types of cancer of the ovary or breast will have an oophorectomy as preventive (prophylactic) surgery in order to reduce the risk of future cancer of the ovary or breast. Current recommendations are that the fallopian tubes should be removed during hysterectomy even if the ovaries are preserved. This is done to decrease the lifetime risk of ovarian cancer, which can arise from the fallopian tubes in up to 25% of case.

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