Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) (cont.)

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What research is being done on HIV?

An extensive amount of research is being done on HIV. Efforts are under way to find an effective vaccine, although this has proved difficult because the virus is not easily killed by traditional human antibodies. New treatments are being developed that scientists hope will be more effective, easier to take, less costly, and/or have fewer side effects. New educational programs may help people avoid risk behaviors or be more compliant with treatment regimens.

Are support groups available for people who are HIV positive?

There are many support groups available for people living with HIV. Clinics that treat people with HIV usually can provide information on local support groups. Most states have support organizations for people with HIV or an HIV hotline that can provide advice on support groups. The federal government's AIDSinfo hotline can be reached at: 800-448-0440. Private support organizations may also be able to help, including those focusing on high-risk populations such as gay men or intravenous drug users. There are many online support groups and chat rooms which can be very helpful if anonymity is desired.

Where can people find more information on HIV?

The best site for current information is, which is supported by the National Institutes of Health.


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