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Published: June 06

I started getting hives when I was 15 and now I am 23 and they still are here they go away for awhile and then they come back in full force my lips eye's and hands, feet. I have tried every method in the book and nothing works for me except for Prenazone which is very hard to get cause of the long term affect but it is the only thing that works for me and my mom had them for 12 years and one day they just went away I went to so many doctors and no one knows what the cause is except for maybe I inherited it from my mother so the way I look at it is I got 7 years down and hopefully only another 5 to go.

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Published: June 05

I get a bad case of them every year, around this time of year, the first time I am out in the sun for an extended period of time. This year it was my daughter's soccer tournament. I use sunscreen religiously all year, and change brands often, so I don't think it could be an allergy to any particular sunscreen, cosmetic, food, etc. I think I may be allergic to sun. Oddly enough, the hives are always in the same places - big patches covering my forearms (top only) and smaller patches on my upper arms (also the top only), and a big patch on my upper chest. They have never been on my legs or my face or my torso. It starts out as tiny hard bumps under my skin - it almost feels like grains of sand under my skin. The next day the area is red and very hot and the bumps begin getting bigger. They spread out and become fluid-filled blister-like bumps. They are bright red and quite hot to the touch, and I begin to feel like I have a fever. Topical Benadryl and calamine lotion help a little. Taking Benadryl helps a little. What feels the best to me is to soak in a plain water, tepid bath for as long as I can stand to. The blister spots are starting to rupture and dry up, and actually feel better at this stage - the itching is less intense and the heat is starting to go away. In another day or so, I will start using a scrub and a heavy-duty moisturizer. The patches where the hives occur will look discolored for several months. Each time this happens I wonder if I should start on a preventative course of Benadryl when I know I will be out in the sun for the first time. Then I forget and it happens again. I am ready to move to Ireland, where it is virtually impossible to get a sunburn.

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Published: June 04

I broke out with hives one night and most likely will attribute it to the iridescent makeup powder that I put on for fun. I did get carried away and put a lot. It has been 6 days and the hives have not gone away. My hives are very small (like prickly heat bumps) and it is all over the body. It itches very much. Also, my face is swollen. I am taking Zyrtec and applying Calamine lotion.

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Published: June 03

I am a 35 year old woman suffering with hives. My story seems unique in that I get them every 7 years and they last for 1 whole year!! Yup, like clockwork! I am miserable again and covered all over. I am now on a strong does of Atarax and still, no relief!! This is my 5th cycle of horrible hives in my life and no one seems to be able to find (1) the reason or (2) the cure. Anyone else suffer the 7 year itch like me?

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Published: June 02

I've been breaking out with hives since I was 9! Here the past 2 years it has been every few days. I get them in my hands and face and more often all over my body! I take Benadryl and Zantac 150 every 4 hours trying to avoid them but nothing works. I have wound up in the emergency room several times after they had lasted 48 hours or more and no relief was in sight. These breakouts have cost me 3 jobs and it's getting really old.

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Published: June 02

It is about 2 months now and my conditions to which I attribute to physical hives has just gotten worse. At first I thought I had dry skin. About a month into itching episodes I noticed it was out of the ordinary and lotion didn't help. I finally realized something was wrong when I was always scratching my palms and bottom of my feet, my shoulders and hips. The worst episode that made me search out an answer was when my entire back itched like crazy, everywhere i scratched lightly it raised in the line where I scratched and in addition little bumps and patches started to swell. A month has gone by since that episode and the itching continues but always moves about to various locations. Buttocks, groin, hips and hands and feet are the main areas, often tummy too. The itching last for about 20 minutes then fades. I can take Benadryl and control an outbreak of itching. I have been out in public when my whole body went crazy like I needed to get up and dance crazy and that is when I take an antihistamine. I have not seen a doctor but worry about related immune disorders since these symptoms are so odd for me and I have never had food allergies. I am considering questioning my doctor but I am otherwise feeling fine so perhaps I have one of the longer lasting cases. It's not fun and so strange. I have tried to limit my diet to see if something I eat is the culprit, like milk, but it has proven difficult to make a true test.

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