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What is the prognosis of histoplasmosis?

People with mild symptoms of histoplasmosis usually resolve the disease on their own without treatment. In more severe cases, the prognosis is good for those who receive appropriate treatment. Certain people will experience relapsing infections and may need long-term therapy with antifungal drugs. Chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis has a mortality (death) rate of up to 50% if no treatment is received (and 28% with treatment). Disseminated histoplasmosis has a poor prognosis when untreated.

Is it possible to prevent histoplasmosis?

There is no vaccine against histoplasmosis. In areas where the fungus is common, it may not be possible to prevent infection. Avoiding areas with bird and bat droppings may provide some protection. Wearing a respirator face mask can provide protection for workers in contaminated areas. Spraying soil with water before working the soil may help prevent release of spores into the air. Having had histoplasmosis in the past can offer some protection against severe disease of you become reinfected.


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