Hip Bursitis

How do health-care professionals diagnose hip bursitis?

The diagnosis of bursitis of the hip is usually based on clinical evaluation. Hip bursitis is diagnosed upon reviewing the history of the location of the hip pain and specific areas of tenderness of the outside of the hip. This can be further confirmed when a local injection of anesthetic relieves the pain. Patients frequently notice pain in the outer hip with stair climbing or descending and tenderness of the hip when lying on the affected side at night. The doctor can localize the tender areas to the location of the bursae of the hip. Occasionally, X-ray of the hip are used to rule out other conditions of the bone and joints, such as arthritis. Sometimes X-ray testing can highlight areas of calcium deposits in an inflamed bursa. These areas of calcification indicate a past history of inflammation of the bursa.

What types of doctors treat hip bursitis?

Doctors who treat hip bursitis include internists, general-medicine doctors, family medicine doctors, rheumatologists, physical-medicine doctors, and orthopedic surgeons. Continue Reading

Reviewed on 5/17/2016


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