hepatitis-a/hepatitis-b vaccine - injection, Twinrix


BRAND NAME(S): Twinrix

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USES: This combination medication is used to help prevent infection from the hepatitis A and B viruses. Hepatitis A infection can be mild with no symptoms or a severe illness that can rarely cause liver failure and death. Hepatitis B infection can cause serious problems including liver failure, persistent hepatitis B infection, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Preventing infection with these viruses can prevent these problems.Hepatitis A/B combination vaccine is made from whole, killed hepatitis A virus and a genetically engineered (man-made in the laboratory) piece of hepatitis B virus. It does not contain live virus, so you can not get hepatitis from the vaccine. This vaccine causes the body to make immune defensive substances (antibodies) against hepatitis A and B viruses that can protect you from infection with them. Hepatitis A/B vaccine does not protect you from other virus infections (e.g., HIV virus which causes AIDS, hepatitis C/E, HPV virus which causes genital warts and other problems).The vaccine is recommended for persons at an increased risk of getting these infections. Those at an increased risk include health care personnel, laboratory workers who handle blood and patient specimens, police, fire and emergency medical personnel who give first aid treatment, hemophiliacs, dialysis patients, household and intimate contacts of persons with persistent hepatitis B or active hepatitis A infections, persons with multiple sex partners, men who have sex with men, sex workers, injection drug abusers, and persons traveling to high-risk areas.

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