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What type of hematoma did you experience and what was the treatment?

Comment from: Abeyratne, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 08

I had a right inguinal hernia surgery on 1st July. The next day doctors noticed a hematoma around the wound. Gradually, swelling, especially in the penis and scrotum, developed. I am taking antibiotics, I have no pain but am uneasy.

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Comment from: -CDA, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 28

One month after I had intercourse for the first time at the age of 21, I had my annual appointment. My Pap test came back normal, so I thought everything was fine. The following year, my Pap came back abnormal l- hrHPV (high risk human papilloma virus) with mild dysplasia. I went in a few weeks after I got the call for a colposcopy. Those results indicated that I had moderate to severe dysplasia and the abnormal cells were making their way up my cervical canal, so my doctor ordered me to have a cold knife cone biopsy. The surgery went fine and I was only down for about a day. I felt a little crampy, but Motrin seemed to do the trick. I had clear margins which means all of the abnormal cells were gone. I had a repeat Pap 6 months later and everything was fine! Let's hope it continues. I urge everyone to get their Paps done every year. My dysplasia had progressed from 'nothing' to CIN 3 in a year. Different people respond to HPV differently, so don't just assume everything is okay if you've had a normal Pap. Once you get an abnormal, never miss appointments. You're in control of this thing. The process is annoying, but things can be done to keep this situation at bay. Statistics show that 1 in 3 people have HPV but the majority of them never develop health problems from it. You don't know how you respond to it, so make sure you and your partner use protection. You don't have to be with a lot of people to contract this. I am living proof. Good luck to everyone!

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Comment from: Joe, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: May 13

I experienced a sharp pain in my left thigh. It felt like a football injury I had in my school days and it was then called a charley horse. I went to the doctor and after conferring with another it was describe as an intramuscular hematoma. The pain was very bad and no treatment was offered then but since I was told to put ice on it. The doctor told me it would be about 4 weeks before recovery. It's been a week now and it is slowly getting better.

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Comment from: happy, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: March 14

I had blood taken from my arm which spurted out as the needle left. Immediately I felt a throbbing pain and within half hour a large bruise began to develop. For the next 2 weeks I was in agony - couldn"t bend my arm, I couldn"t sleep at night with the pain and felt sick with it. I went to doctors who confirmed it as a hematoma and said if I didn"t start to move my arm I would end up with restricted movement! There was no treatment for this. I sympathize with anyone who has one.

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Comment from: Angel, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 03

I tripped over and got my leg hung up in an electric fence, very low to the ground while trying to step over it. It cut my leg very deep and wide from the back of my right calf to the front of my shin bone, about a 5 and a half inch cut and 4 inches apart. It took 18 stitches on the outside and a running stitch on the inside and it was very swollen and deep. It's been 10 days and I'm on antibiotics and elevation, and some ice, able to walk well. I've not had much pain these last few days, but when I went to get the stitches taken out, the cut wanted to separate, and the hematoma was so painful to the touch, I could barely stand it. I have new prescription of antibiotics for 5 more days and then will have to go from there to see if stitches will be ready then. Till then it is just more of the same, stay off of it more, elevate it more and ice it more often, other than that it's been doing really well. It is bruised and some skin looks black, but it's starting to look better now, just hope these five days goes by quickly.

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Comment from: MustangJudy, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 31

A little over 3 weeks ago, an adult cow (approximately 1100 lbs) shoved me with her head against a wooden fence. She hit my upper left thigh hard and I scrambled on top of the fence. For the next 30 minutes or so I was involved in herding the rest of the cattle, before I finally got inside and checked my leg. A dark purple area with a bright red center was on my upper thigh, measuring about 6" x 5". There was some moderate swelling of the upper half of my thigh, with a lot of pain. I lay on the couch and applied ice for about 45 minutes and took a nap. Over the next few days, I took it easy - no exercise routine, limited my walking, and generally minimized my activity. The hematoma remained warm to the touch, and the area swollen, with increased swelling later in the day and less in the morning. I didn't take anything for the pain or swelling, and over the next couple of weeks, the swelling has slowly decreased. About a week ago, I noticed a hardened area under the skin of about 1/3 of the hematoma. At the same time, I've noticed an increase in tenderness down the outer side of my left thigh and also from the front down to the knee - there was a lot of pain in these areas when I was first injured, but so far no obvious sign of injury. The hematoma has turned from all purple with central bright redness, to an expanding lighter area, from the center on out, with a purple peripheral boundary. The size has remained the same. I still feel and can see swelling, even though it has gone down quite a bit. I'm still not exercising, believing it's too early yet and will probably increase the swelling. This is taking much longer to heal than I ever would have predicted, and lets me know that ol' "Bessie" gave me one hell of a good bump! I tell my farmer boyfriend that I am now an official "farm girl"!

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