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Should I take salt tablets during hot weather?

Taking salt tablets is not a good idea. While the body loses many electrolytes when it sweats, there are mechanisms in place to compensate for the loss. Usually, keeping the body hydrated with plain water is adequate but does not resupply electrolytes. Sports drinks (for example, Powerade, Gatorade) may be reasonable alternatives if prolonged exercise or work is required in hot conditions.

What is the best clothing for hot weather or a heat wave?

Evaporation works to cool the skin only if the sweat that the body produces is allowed to evaporate. Lightweight, loose clothing allows air circulation to the body's surface and helps promote cooling. While cotton is the classic fabric that can be used, some synthetic fabrics have been developed to wick sweat from the skin and allow more efficient skin or body cooling.

What is the prognosis for heat rash?

Heat rash or prickly heat tends to be self-limiting and gets better once the skin cools and is allowed to breathe. Prevention by not allowing heat to accumulate in body areas, followed by cooling the skin are the most common ways to obtain the best prognosis for heat rash.

Medically reviewed by Norman Levine, MD; American Board of Dermatology


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