Heart Transplant Center - Dothan, AL

Dothan Cardiothoracic Surgeon Doctors for Heart Transplant

Type of Physician: Cardiothoracic Surgeon

What is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon? A certification by the Board of Thoracic Surgery; practitioners are skilled in patient care before, during and after surgery, and the critical care of patients with pathologic conditions within the chest. The management of the airway and injuries of the chest is within the scope of the specialty.

Specialty: Cardiothoracic Surgery

Common Name: Chest Surgeon

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Doctors in Dothan *

  • 2

    Steven F. Johnson
    Southeastern Cardiovascular Associates
    2431 W Main St Ste 1001
    Dothan, AL 36301
    (334) 794-2825

    • 28 years experience
    • 1 office location(s)
  • 3

    John E. Streitman
    Southeastern Cardiovascular Associates
    2431 W Main St Ste 1001
    Dothan, AL 36301
    (334) 794-2825

    • 16 years experience
    • 1 office location(s)
  • 4

    James C. Higginbotham
    Southeastern Cardiovascular Associates
    2431 W Main St Ste 1001
    Dothan, AL 36301
    (334) 794-2825

    • 1 office location(s)
  • 5

    John V. Manning
    Southeastern Cardiovascular Associates
    2431 W Main St Ste 1001
    Dothan, AL 36301
    (334) 794-2825

    • 1 office location(s)

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Heart Transplant

Introduction to heart transplant

The idea of replacing a bad organ with a good one has been documented in ancient mythology. The first real organ transplants were probably skin grafts that may have been done in India as early as the seco...

Emergency Contact for Dothan

  • In case of Emergency, call 911

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    Northwest Florida Community Hos
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    Donalsonville Hospital
    102 Hospital Cir
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    (229) 524-521

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