A Picture Guide to Heart Disease

Arteriogram of healthy heart.
Illustration of heart attack.
A man with his hand over his heart.
Female jogger on a path in the woods.
Angiogram shows myocardial infraction.
Illustration shows plaque buildup in the artery.
A photo of an ambulance.
Doctors using a defibrillator on a man.
Illustration showing a normal EKG and EKG with atrial fibrillation.
Illustration of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Heart ultrasound showing ventricular hypertrophy.
Newborn baby in incubator.
EKG Electrode on a patient.
A man undergoes a heart stress test.
A man hooked up to a portable heart monitor.
A chest X-ray showing an enlarged left ventricle of the heart (image on the right).
Man having echocardiogram (ultrasound) test.
A colorized CT scan of the heart.
A monitor showing cardiac catheterization.
A foot with a swollen ankle.
Pills next to a pill organizer.
An image showing angioplasty.
Surgeons performing heart surgery.
An overweight couple on beach.
Healthy mature man by the pool.
A close-up of cigarette with burning ash.
A senior man lifting weights.
Walking on treadmill.
Healthy seafood fish dish.

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Heart Disease Pictures Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Heart Disease

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