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What is the prognosis for a head injury?

The goal for the treatment of any patient is to return to the level of function that they had prior to the injury. This maybe a challenge with head injury, and the return of function depends upon the severity of the injury to the brain.

How can a head injury be prevented?

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Prevention is the best way to treat a head injury.

  • In sporting activities, the use of a helmet may help decrease the risk of injury. Similarly, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle or bicycle helps minimize the risk of brain injury. Seatbelts can help prevent a head injury during a motor vehicle crash.
  • Since alcohol is a risk factor for falls and other injuries, it should be used responsibly.
  • Falls are a concern in the elderly. Homes can be made less fall-prone by installing assist devices on walls and in bathrooms. Loose floor coverings such as area rugs should be avoided, since walking from one floor covering to another increases the risk of falls. If needed, canes and walkers may be helpful as walking assistive devices.
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