Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Syndrome Related Diseases & Conditions

Medical conditions are often related to other diseases and conditions. Our doctors have compiled a list of ailments related to the topic of Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Syndrome. These conditions may be a cause or symptom of Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Syndrome or be a condition for which you may be at increased risk.

  • Fever Although a fever technically is any body temperature above the normal of 98.6 degrees F. (37 degrees C.), in practice a person is...learn more »
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    Fever Article
    • Aches, pain, fever facts
    • What is a fever?
    • What causes a fever?
    • What are the signs and symptoms of a fever?
    • How is a fever diagnosed?
    • How should someone take a temperature for fever?
    • What is the treatment for a fever?
    • When should someone seek medical care for a fever?
    • What are complications of a fever?
    • What is the prognosis for a fever?
    • Is it possible to prevent a fever?
  • Meningitis Encephalitis is a brain inflammation that causes sudden fever, vomiting, headache, light sensitivity, stiff neck and back,...learn more »
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    Meningitis Article
    • Encephalitis and meningitis facts
    • What is encephalitis?
    • What causes encephalitis?
    • What are encephalitis symptoms and signs?
    • Is encephalitis contagious?
    • Is it possible to prevent encephalitis? Is there an encphalitis vaccine?
    • What is meningitis?
    • What causes meningitis?
    • What are meningitis symptoms and signs?
    • What is encephalomyelitis?
    • How are encephalitis and meningitis diagnosed?
    • What is the treatment of encephalitis and meningitis?
    • What is the prognosis (outlook), and what are the complications for patients with encephalitis or meningitis?
    • Is meningitis contagious?
    • Is it possible to prevent meningitis? Is there a meningitis vaccine?
  • Sore Throat Sore throats are generally described as pain or discomfort in the throat area. A sore throat may be caused by bacterial or viral...learn more »
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    Sore Throat Article
    • Sore throat facts
    • What is the difference between sore throat and strep throat?
    • What are the causes of sore throat?
    • What are the signs and symptoms of a sore throat?
    • Is a sore throat contagious?
    • When should I see a doctor for a sore throat?
    • How is strep throat diagnosed?
    • What are home remedies to soothe a sore throat?
    • What over-the-counter (OTC) medications will soothe a sore throat?
    • Are antibiotics necessary for a sore throat?
    • What can I do if I have a sore throat and am pregnant?
    • What if I have multiple recurrent episodes of strep throat?
    • How can I prevent a sore throat?
  • Rash The word "rash" means an outbreak of red bumps on the body. The way people use this term, "a rash" can refer to many different...learn more »
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    Rash Article
    • Rash facts
    • What are the causes, symptoms, and signs of common noninfectious rashes?
    • How are common skin rashes diagnosed?
    • Scaly patches of skin produced by fungal, viral, or bacterial infection
    • What is the treatment for a rash?
  • Coxsackie Virus Coxsackie viruses may be divided into two groups. Type A causes hand, foot, and mouth disease and conjunctivitis, while type B...learn more »
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    Coxsackie Virus Article
    • Coxsackie virus facts
    • What is coxsackie virus?
    • What are the types of coxsackie viruses, and what can they cause?
    • What are coxsackie virus infection symptoms and signs?
    • How do people get infected with coxsackie virus?
    • What are the risk factors for coxsackie virus infection?
    • How are coxsackie virus infections diagnosed?
    • Is there any treatment for coxsackie virus infection?
    • Can coxsackie virus infections be prevented?
    • What is the prognosis of coxsackie virus infections?
  • Children's Health Children's health is focused on the well-being of children from conception through adolescence. There are many aspects of...learn more »
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    Children's Health Article
    • Introduction
    • Children's growth and development
    • Children's illnesses
    • Children's injuries
    • Children's behavior
    • Children's mental illness
    • Family health and children
    • Community health and children
    • Health care for children
  • Herpangina Herpangina is a contagious illness often seen in children. It is caused by a Coxsackievirus or an enterovirus. Symptoms and signs...learn more »
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    Herpangina Article
    • Herpangina facts
    • What is herpangina?
    • What causes herpangina?
    • Is herpangina contagious?
    • How long is the incubation period for herpangina?
    • What are herpangina symptoms and signs?
    • How is herpangina diagnosed?
    • What is the treatment for herpangina?
    • How long does herpangina last? What is the prognosis for herpangina?
    • What is the difference between herpangina and hand, foot, and mouth disease?
    • Is it possible to prevent herpangina?
    • Where can people find more information about herpangina?
  • Enterovirus (Non-Polio Enterovirus Infection) Non-polio enteroviruses cause a variety of infections, including aseptic meningitis, hand, foot, and mouth disease, herpangina,...learn more »
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    Enterovirus (Non-Polio Enterovirus Infection) Article
    • Enterovirus facts
    • What is an enterovirus?
    • What types of illnesses do enteroviruses cause?
    • What are causes and risk factors for an enterovirus infection?
    • What are symptoms and signs of an enterovirus infection in children and adults?
    • How do physicians diagnose an enterovirus infection?
    • What is the treatment for an enterovirus infection?
    • Non-polio enterovirus outbreaks, including enterovirus D68 (EV-D68)
    • What are complications of an enterovirus infection?
    • What is the prognosis of an enterovirus infection?
    • Is it possible to prevent an enterovirus infection? Is there a vaccine for enteroviruses?
    • What is the latest news about the enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) outbreak?
    • Where can people find more information about enterovirus infections?