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What treatment did you receive for hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD)?

Comment from: Dchjones, 25-34 Female (Caregiver) Published: December 05

My 2 1/2 year old daughter came down with HFM disease and ran a fever for 2 days, had loss of appetite, runny nose then the spots/rash appeared after the fever broke. She had it the worst around her mouth (none inside), then on her hands, heels of her feet, and diaper area. I got it as she was clearing up and didn't think I had the same thing. My symptoms were so severe. It started with intensely itchy hands that woke me up in the morning. By the end of that first day I started to develop the rash and a little tingling on my hands. I woke up that night at 1AM and was up for the rest of the night/day with the most intense burning/itching I've ever felt. I've had shingles and this was worse! It lasted the whole next day and night (yes, 2 nights of no sleep). Today is day 3 and the pain is gone but the bumps/rash are still on my hands, some developed on my feet, and also around my nose. I will say that once the bumps/rash "came out" the pain left. I alternated between a steroid skin cream, Benadryl, and Calamine. I took Advil and Benadryl. Nothing helped like ice did. Hold ice packs all day, soak your feet; wrap your hands at night if you have to (that's what I did). It's soothing and numbing and will draw the heat out. It's aggressive, extremely contagious, and the most miserable thing I've experienced to date.

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Comment from: Uncertain mom, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: November 08

I just took my 12 year old to the nurse practitioner (NP) today only to find out she has HFM and was told there was nothing they could do for her. She came home from school yesterday with bumps on her feet and on her hands this morning. She has had the sore throat, fever and headache already. The NP said to go ahead and send her back to school because the contagious time has probably already passed. As she sits at my bedside tonight crying because of her foot pain and itching, I have no clue what to do for her. We weren't informed of the pain and itching this also causes and I don't know what to do for my girl.

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Comment from: Toddlermom, 0-2 Female (Caregiver) Published: October 08

My 15-month girl started Tuesday with some fever and lots of drooling. I thought it was because she was teething or maybe ear infection. By Wednesday she developed sores on her tongue and ended up in the emergency room late at night in pain. She was diagnosed with stomatitis and prescribed Tylenol and Motrin alternating to lower the fever, and Benadryl syrup to help her sleep. Next Thursday her pediatrician said it was hand foot and mouth (HFM) disease and told us to mix of 1 ounce lidocaine, 1 ounce Benadryl, and 1 ounce Maalox and give her 1 tablespoon every 4 hours. It's Friday now and she's got some blisters on her feet and a lot of red dots on her diaper area. She is drinking liquids through a syringe. I have been washing my hands and everything she touches gets disinfected. I am washing sheets and clothes daily.

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Comment from: Amber, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: December 23

I currently have hand foot and mouth (HFM) disease. It started 4 days ago with a high fever, severe headache, body aches, dizziness, and no energy or appetite at all. Day 2 my throat started hurting, and I still had a fever and no appetite. Day 3 I woke up with the worst pain in my mouth/throat ever. It was different than any sore throat. I had a rash on my stomach and hands. I went into urgent care and was told I have HFMD. A couple of hours later, the rash was over my entire body. I was given hydrocodone for pain and to help me sleep. Throughout the day my hands got worse and the sores started on my feet. I am still unable to eat anything but ice cream, and milk or smoothies are the best attempt at getting some hydration in. I'm on day 4 now and my hands and feet are probably the worst. I hobble around when walking and I have a hard time opening things. Definitely the most painful illness I've had.

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Comment from: drmartha, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 17

Like almost everyone else, I'm frantic to find something to take care of the itch from hand foot and mouth (HFM) disease. Oral Benadryl has been no good; nor has Zyrtec. An oatmeal soak in cool water feels great, but the effect may be due entirely to the temperature of the water. I tried Calmoseptine ointment, which was initially cool, but then contributed to the fiery burn after a few minutes. I can't eat, can't sleep...

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Comment from: ammax, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: July 14

Boy, is this and hand, foot, and mouth (HFM) disease awful! And most of the professional info out there talks about how it doesn't itch and doesn't get to adults that much or how it's mostly on hands, mouths, and feet. Well, I feel like my family can dispel all that. My daughter has the worst case pediatrician has ever seen (all over arms, legs, feet, hands, and face). My son and I have it also, which itches like crazy (him on his feet and me on my hands). We had no relief from anything, Benadryl, Advil, Aveeno, oatmeal bath, etc. The itching is what drives my son and I nuts especially with no relief! Ice seems to dull the itch for a while, that's the closest bit of relief we have found. As a mom it is terrible thinking I could be continuing to spread it more and more around the house all day with the 100 million things I touch! Plus add in all the itching and pain on my hands, how am I supposed to tolerate the cleaners in effort to sanitize my house! And it seems suffering for 3 to 10 days is expected. My goodness, that's ridiculous.

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