guaifenesin/codeine - oral, Cheracol, Robitussin A-C (cont.)

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DRUG INTERACTIONS: Naltrexone (Riva) decreases the effect of codeine in the body, therefore codeine must not be used with naltrexone.

Any other medications that increase drowsiness should be used with caution with guaifenesin and codeine.

PREGNANCY: There are no adequate studies with guaifenesin and codeine to determine its safety and effectiveness in pregnant women.

NURSING MOTHERS: Guaifenesin with codeine is excreted in breast milk; therefore, it must be used with caution in nursing mothers.

SIDE EFFECTS: Side effects of guaifenesin with codeine are constipation, nausea, vomiting, sedation, orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure upon standing), irregular heartbeats, decreased urination, drowsiness, and headache.


Codeine/guaifenesin - Prescribing Information

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