Gotu Kola

What other names is Gotu Kola known by?

Brahma-Buti, Brahma-Manduki, Centellase, Centella asiatica, Centella Asiática, Centella Asiatique, Centella coriacea, Divya, Gota Kola, Hydrocotyle asiatica, Hydrocotyle Asiatique, Hydrocotyle Indien, Indischer Wassernabel, Indian Pennywort, Indian Water Navelwort, Ji Xue Cao, Khulakhudi, Luei Gong Gen, Luo De Da, Madecassol, Mandukaparni, Manduk Parani, Mandukig, Marsh Penny, TTFCA, Talepetrako, Thick-Leaved Pennywort, Tsubo-kusa, Tungchian, White Rot.

What is Gotu Kola?

Gotu kola is an herb. The above ground parts are used to make medicine.

Is Gotu Kola effective?

There is some scientific evidence that gotu kola might be effective when taken varicose veins.

When applied to the skin, gotu kola might also be helpful for improving wound healing and a skin condition called psoriasis.

There isn't enough information to know if gotu kola is effective for the other conditions people use it for, including: fatigue, the common cold and flu, sunstroke, tonsillitis, urinary tract infection (UTI), hepatitis, jaundice, diarrhea, indigestion, and many other conditions.

Possibly Effective for...

  • Decreased return of blood from the feet and legs back to the heart called venous insufficiency.
  • Preventing blood clots in the legs while flying.

Insufficient Evidence to Rate Effectiveness for...

  • Fatigue, anxiety, increasing circulation in people with diabetes, atherosclerosis, stretch marks associated with pregnancy, common cold and flu, sunstroke, tonsillitis, urinary tract infection (UTI), schistosomiasis, hepatitis, jaundice, diarrhea, indigestion, improving wound healing when applied to the skin, a skin condition called psoriasis, and other conditions.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database rates effectiveness based on scientific evidence according to the following scale: Effective, Likely Effective, Possibly Effective, Possibly Ineffective, Likely Ineffective, and Insufficient Evidence to Rate (detailed description of each of the ratings).

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