Ways to Get Ready for Swimsuit Season

Photo of woman in bikini.
Photo of woman with hula hoop.
Photo of photo of woman working out.
Photo of woman doing squats.
Photo of woman rowing boat.
Photo of woman with hand weights.
Photo of women doing pilates.
Photo of french fries.
Photo of salmon fillet.
Photo of healthy salad.
Photo of fresh produce.
Photo of salt shaker on table.
Photo of fizzing beer.
Photo of woman and pear.
Photo of woman and apple.
Photo of woman and hourglass.
Photo of woman in bikini stretching.
Photo of woman bathing suit.
Photo of smiling woman in bathing suit.
Photo of woman using sunscreen.
Photo of smiling woman with sunglasses.
Photo of woman using skin cream.
Photo of woman removing hair from legs.
Photo of sunless tanning cream.
Photo of spa pedicure.
Photo of woman on pier.

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Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD on Monday, April 04, 2011

Diet and Weight Loss Pictures Slideshow: 25 Ways to Get Ready for Swimsuit Season

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