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What is the treatment for gestational diabetes?

It is important to receive proper treatment for gestational diabetes, since research studies have shown that the incidence of problems and complications is decreased when treatment plans are followed. Treatment for gestational diabetes involves attention to maintaining a proper diet and exercise as advised by your doctor. Nutritional therapy is the first approach, and many women will achieve adequate glucose control by following a nutritional plan.

Testing your blood glucose levels at home at specific times or after meals as recommended by your doctor will determine if your glucose levels are within recommended limits. Testing at least four times per day is typical. You may also be asked to test your urine for ketones, substances that are produced when your body metabolizes fat. Ketones are elevated when the body is unable to use glucose for energy.

If diet and exercise are not sufficient to maintain good control of your blood glucose levels, you may need to take insulin. Insulin is the only approved medication used to treat gestational diabetes in the U.S.; however, some clinicians may choose to use an oral agent to control the blood sugar in some patients. As the pregnancy progresses, your insulin needs may change and insulin doses may have to be adjusted.

Can gestational diabetes be prevented?

Gestational diabetes cannot always be prevented, but you can minimize one important risk factor, since overweight and obesity increase the likelihood of developing gestational diabetes. Maintaining a healthy weight and following a good nutritional plan both before and during pregnancy can decrease your chances of developing gestational diabetes. Maintaining a healthy weight can also decrease your chances of developing type 2 diabetes after your pregnancy.

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