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Your health care provider may refer you to a genetic professional. Universities and medical centers also often have affiliated genetic professionals, or can provide referrals to a genetic professional or genetics clinic. Genetic counseling provides patients and family members the tools to make the right choice in regard to test for a disease or condition.

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    • Campomelic Dysplasia Campomelic dysplasia is a rare inherited condition that may be life threatening. The condition affects the skeleton and...learn more »
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      Campomelic Dysplasia Article
      • What is campomelic dysplasia?
      • How common is campomelic dysplasia?
      • What genes are related to campomelic dysplasia?
      • How do people inherit campomelic dysplasia?
      • What other names do people use for campomelic dysplasia?
    • Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome Rothmund-Thomson syndrome is a rare genetic. The signs and symptoms of Rothmund-Thomson syndrome include a redness on the cheeks...learn more »
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      Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome Article
      • What is Rothmund-Thomson syndrome (RTS)?
      • What are the signs and symptoms of Rothmund-Thomson syndrome?
      • How common is Rothmund-Thomson syndrome?
      • What genes are related to Rothmund-Thomson syndrome?
      • How do people inherit Rothmund-Thomson syndrome?
      • What other names do people use for Rothmund-Thomson syndrome?
      • Where can I find information about treatment for Rothmund-Thomson syndrome?
    • Pycnodysostosis Pycnodysostosis (pyknodysostosis) is an inherited disease of the bone. Characteristics of individuals with pycnodysostosis are...learn more »
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      Pycnodysostosis Article
      • Pycnodysostosis facts
      • What is pycnodysostosis?
      • What is basis for the name of this disease?
      • What are the characteristics of pycnodysostosis?
      • How is pycnodysostosis inherited?
      • What are the risks of pycnodysostosis?
      • What is the molecular story with pycnodysostosis?
      • Could there be a connection between pycnodysostosis and osteoporosis?
      • What is the treatment for pycnodysostosis?
    • Gaucher Disease Gaucher disease is caused by an inherited (genetic) defect in an enzyme glucocerebroside. Signs fo Gaucher disease include...learn more »
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      Gaucher Disease Article
      • Gaucher disease facts*
      • What is Gaucher disease?
      • How common is Gaucher disease?
      • Who is at risk for Gaucher disease?
      • What are the major signs and symptoms of Gaucher disease?
      • What genes are related to Gaucher disease?
      • How do people inherit Gaucher disease?
      • What is the treatment for Gaucher disease?
      • Why should I talk to my family about Gaucher disease?
      • How are families affected by Gaucher disease?
      • Why is it important to let my family know I have Gaucher disease?
      • How do I talk to my family about Gaucher disease?
      • How do I prepare to talk to my family about Gaucher disease?
      • Conversation starters
      • What should I do if my family does not want to talk about Gaucher disease?
      • Where can I find more about management for Gaucher disease?
      • What other names do people use for Gaucher disease?
    • Pregnancy Planning Pregnancy planning is an important step in preparation for starting or expanding a family. Planning for a pregnancy includes...learn more »
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      Pregnancy Planning Article
      • Pregnancy planning facts
      • What is pregnancy planning?
      • What are pre-pregnancy planning goals?
      • What is a pregnancy calendar or calculator?
      • How soon can a woman start trying to conceive after stopping birth control?
      • What are dietary considerations for pregnancy planning?
      • How much weight gain is recommended in pregnancy?
      • What about alcohol consumption and pregnancy planning?
      • What infections should be avoided in pregnancy?
      • Should I exercise when pregnant?
      • Is it safe to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy?
      • Is air travel safe for pregnant women?
      • Do medications need to be stopped when planning pregnancy or when a woman becomes pregnant?
    • Kidney Dysplasia Kidney dysplasia is a condition in which one or both of a baby's kidneys do not develop normally. In kidney dysplasia, cysts...learn more »
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      Kidney Dysplasia Article
      • What is kidney dysplasia?
      • How does kidney dysplasia happen?
      • What causes kidney dysplasia?
      • What are the signs or complications of kidney dysplasia?
      • How is kidney dysplasia diagnosed?
      • How is kidney dysplasia treated?
      • What is the long-term outlook for a child with kidney dysplasia?
      • Questions to ask the doctor
      • Points to remember

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