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What are the complications of gastritis?

The complications of gastritis may occur over time, especially if gastritis becomes chronic and the underlying causes are not treated. Complications may include peptic ulcer, bleeding ulcers, anemia, gastric cancers, MALT lymphoma, gastric scarring, and strictures with outlet obstruction, dehydration, renal problems, and even death.

What is the prognosis of gastritis?

Most people that get gastritis have few or short-term symptoms and recover completely. Those people with underlying causes that are appropriately treated often recover completely. The prognosis of individuals with chronic disease and those who develop serious complications like bleeding ulcers, obstruction and cancer is more guarded.

How is gastritis prevented?

If the underlying cause of gastritis is preventable, then gastritis can be prevented. For example, if alcohol consumption or NSAIDs cause an individual's gastritis, prevention is accomplished by stopping the consumption of these agents. Avoidance may be preventive in situations where chemicals, radiation or some toxin ingestion could occur. It may be more difficult to prevent some infectious causes, but proper hygiene, hand washing, and eating and drinking only adequately cleaned or treated foods and fluids are healthy ways to decrease your risk of getting gastritis from infectious agents.

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