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For gallstones, what were the symptoms and signs you experienced?

Published: July 09

I woke up feeling like mt stomach was on fire. Tums did not work so I tried some crackers. The pain was then up on my right side directly under my ribs and also the middle of my spine felt like it was on fire. A family member told me it was gas so I took two X-tra strength Gas X and that did nothing. I went to Urgent care and was diagnosed with a gall bladder problem and told to go to the ER. In the ER all my tests were normal, blood work, liver enzymes everything. Then they did an ultrasound that showed a ton of stones. One was caught in the bile duct. I had a laparoscopic cholecystectomy the next morning and the gallbladder was already gangrenous. I had never had a single symptom before.

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Published: July 01

I knew that I had gallstones because of an ultrasound for an unrelated condition. In the past 3 or 4 years I have had 3 incidents of pain lasting about 15 minutes. The most recent was this evening. The pain was under the breastbone and soon my whole abdominal area was in pain. It took my breath away; I could barely speak. Nausea but no vomiting. This time I broke into a heavy sweat which had me a bit worried. I have been having a lot of itching lately, but that is probably just my sensitive skin. I feel fine now, after half an hour, but will be watchful and careful. I generally eat a very low fat diet but 2 of these episodes were preceded by higher fat meals.

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Published: June 17

I started hurting in my chest and upper abdomen on the right side. It lasted for two weeks until I went to the emergency room and the doctor did an ultrasound and found gallstones.

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Published: June 11

My pain started as a burning sensation, like heartburn, and quickly progressed to a sharp pain right in the middle of my abdomen, like a spear was going right through me. The pain would last for a couple of hours and I also felt very nauseated. Just as I felt I was on the verge of vomiting, the pain would go away as quickly as it came. At the onset of my third "attack" (over the course of a week) I went to the doctor and he promptly sent me to the emergency room. After examination by another doctor, they performed an ultrasound and confirmed that I had gallstones and the attacks were caused by the stones "passing". I had surgery the next day to remove my gallbladder.

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Published: June 11

I had never experienced symptoms that would lead to a diagnosis of gallbladder disorder until the unfortunate weekend I was on a trip in another state and began to have extreme pain in the middle of my upper abdomen. I thought at first that I might be experiencing gas pains although I had never had them before. The pains got so painful that I couldn't bear to have my abdomen touched at all and I was finally taken to an emergency room over 100 miles from my home. By then I was running a high fever, had a high white blood cell count, low blood pressure, and an elevated alkaline phosphatase level. Transabdominal ultrasonography showed no gallstones, but the wall of the gallbladder apparently was very thickened. A MCRP later revealed that the bile duct was kinked and infection had set in. The blood supply to the gallbladder had been shut off and a confined perforation had occurred before I was taken to surgery. There they removed the gallbladder and nearby infected ligaments and tissues.

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Published: June 09

It started out with a pain dead center of my abdomen that went straight through me. I thought I just had a stomach bug. After a couple of days and the pain becoming severe, I finally went to the ER where they did an ultra sound and told me that I had gallstones. They sent me home with medication and in less than twelve hours I was back at the ER with pain so severe it felt like I was having a heart attack. It was hard to breath it hurt so bad. They did another ultra sound and told me that I had passed a stone and that my gall bladder was full of stones and surgery was a good option. I had the surgery and was home with in twenty four hours. It was so much relief. I did was I was told which I think made it much easier. I did not eat or drink once I knew I was having surgery. I only did clear liquids afterwards and low fat foods. So far so good. The Doctor told my husband that it was a good thing I had the surgery because I would have had problems for years if I had not had it because it was so full of stones.

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Published: May 27

I woke up in the night with pressure in my back and abdomen. It was painful and kept me awake most of the night. I had several of these episodes spread over a year and then I began to have discomfort in my back and right side daily. This is when I was sent for an ultrasound and diagnosed with gallstones.

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