Female Sexual Problems

Sexual dysfunction is common, and concerns should be shared with your partner and doctor.
Sexual problems can be from physical or psychological problems.
Men and women are both affected by sexual problems.
There are many common problems related to sexual dysfunction.
Lack of sex drive can be caused by many factors including hormonal changes and fatigue.
Some women are unable to be physically aroused during sex.
Anorgasmia can be caused by anxiety, inexperience, and other factors.
Intercourse can be painful as a result of poor lubrication, vaginitis, and more.
Sexual problems are evaluated through physical examination and other contributing factors.
An effort among the woman, doctors, and therapists helps treat sexual problems.
Education about sexual health may help a woman overcome anxiety.
Erotic materials may help enhance sexual stimulation.
Distraction techniques can increase relaxation and eliminate anxiety.
Non-coital behaviors can be used to increase communication between partners.
Sexual positions that allow the woman more control are helpful in relieving pain.
Success for treating sexual dysfunction depends on the underlying cause.
Hormonal changes affect sexual function.
A hysterectomy may affect sexual function in women.
Menopause can add to a woman's decreased interest in sex.
Talk to your doctor if you continue to experience sexual problems.

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