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Please describe your experience with fainting.

Comment from: 72yofemale, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: August 23

I have passed out twice in the past 1 1/2 yr. and almost another time, but my husband was able to keep me awake by yelling and pulling on my foot. The first time, I was out about 20 minutes before my husband called 911. I woke up when my hand touched the cold metal on their stretcher. The second time, I was out for about 4 hours in the hospital. This has been a puzzle about why this happens. All three times I was sitting in my recliner, working on my Nook (Sudoku) when it happened. A neurologist tells me it is probably because I'm sitting in a position which causes low blood pressure. Does this makes sense? Should my husband keep trying to wake me up and should he call 911?

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Comment from: unknown500721, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: August 23

I have been passing out and having seizures for about 4 years. I have gone thru tons of tests, seen a neurologist and a cardiologist, and have found no answers. My husband worries about me, and my pregnancy was extremely difficult because of this issue. I am constantly pushed to do more testing but I have stopped going thru the process. It seems I will never know why I have these "spells" and will probably never know how to stop them.

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Comment from: mykeith, 19-24 Male (Caregiver) Published: August 20

My partner just blacked out in the shower last night he said he felt dizzy and suddenly dropped, he didn't remember blacking out he said he has never blacked out before and it was like all the blood was rushing away from his head. We were engaged in sexual intercourse previously however, not at the time he fell. He weighs around 86 kilos and is pretty fit. I am around 56 kilos. He said he was fine after, but i am worried, is he OK, what's wrong with him.

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Comment from: Ginger 3, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: July 17

Walking from car to store to get a cup of coffee & bagel, legs gave out and I fell flat on my face on the pavement. Hit my head hard. This is the 2nd time in two weeks. I do have a-fib. Will see MD. very soon.

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Comment from: Evan, 55-64 Male Published: July 02

I was seventeen at the time. One evening I was sitting at home casually reading a magazine, and came upon someone's description of having a heart attack. It didn't particularly interest me, but as I read on and the author described pains in his chest, I began to feel a pressure weighing down on mine, and a strange sensation of sleepiness I couldn't resist. It felt as if my eyes were being forced to close. I had time to wonder what was happening to me before consciousness faded away altogether. When I came to, I was sweating, and felt weak and confused. In fact, I didn't immediately realize what had happened: it seemed as if I had just closed my eyes for a second. But my mother was there and she told me I had fainted.

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Comment from: Armywife85, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: June 07

I fainted about an hour after giving birth to my 2nd child due to blood loss. We didn't know at the time, but my uterus wasn't able to clamp down all the way after the birth because I had a very full bladder. When I finally did relieve myself, I started losing blood very fast. I remember I began to feel very dizzy as I went to the bathroom. Then I started to feel like I was going to throw up. My nurse was with me the whole time, and she realized what was happening. I was still on the toilet, and she had me put my arms around her neck and she grabbed me like she was hugging me real tight. I began to feel very sleepy, and as darkness began to overtake me, I heard loud rock music. It was almost deafening loud! Then there was nothing until I awoke back on the hospital bed. I was confused at first, and then scared after I realized what was going on. My midwife was over me with several other nurses, one who was massaging my uterus very hard! The bleeding slowed down after giving me pitocin, and I was OK! I was only out a few minutes, but I gave everyone quite a scare! A blood lab later that evening showed my hemoglobin dropped from 15 to 8 from the episode. Luckily, I didn't require a transfusion, and a healthy mom and baby went home a few days later.

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Comment from: Sud, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: April 17

I am 83 years of age. I have kept very busy doing the main three things that I have always done besides holding a full-time job as vice president of a company. I play tennis, build furniture, and work with refugees (for 35 years). Recently, I was playing tennis and lost consciousness for less than 3 seconds. I lost no bodily functions (e.g., walking, talking, etc.). My defibrillator kicked in at .11 seconds and I was wide awake. My tennis friends called 911 and I went to the hospital. Because of that, I have lost my driving privileges for six months. I am now waiting for my appeal date. When I require a driver to take me to my tennis club to play tennis for an hour or so and home again, something doesn't sound right. I believe they are using the principle that one size fits all. My first cardiac arrest 11 ½ years ago was a whole different story. Go out there and play tennis.

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