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Comment from: Lynn, 7-12 Male (Caregiver) Published: November 19

My 11-year-old son had an extreme case of strep throat about six weeks ago. He was put on a strong dose of penicillin, and monitored closely by the doctor. About two weeks later, while still not well, he came down with a very nasty stomach bug that was going around. Although still not feeling 100% and losing weight, he went back to school two weeks later. When I picked him up from the bus later that day, I noticed that he was walking very slowly and that he had red spots all over his legs and what looked like several bruises as well. I took him straight back to the doctor's, and he diagnosed my son with erythema nodosum. The poor boy is off school another two weeks, and although he seems well in himself, he finds it very difficult to walk and often cries with pain. He also tires very quickly and sleeps a lot. The spots are clearing slowly, so here's hoping that my little boy will be up and playing with his brother again soon.

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Comment from: 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 19

I am just getting over my third attack of erythema nodosum (EN). All three occasions have followed a nasty throat virus. The first attack was in 1984, the second in 1996, and the third just recently. The first time I had painful red lumps on both lower legs, the second on one leg and this time is occurred mainly on one leg but with some isolated lumps on the other leg. On all three occasions, I was unable to walk: The pain was unbearable. The second time I had it, I was told to take a double dose of soluble aspirin three times a day for the swelling and the pain. This time, I was prescribed a steroid medication as a last resort. No one seems to know much about this disorder. It's been three weeks later and I am now left with a swollen ankle. It is uncomfortable to stand or walk for long periods of time.

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Comment from: AC, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 19

I was diagnosed with erythema nodosum in early July 2008. I was seven months pregnant and had just flown overseas. The red bumps popped out the day after the flight. I could barely walk for a couple of weeks. It was a very stressful time as we were in the process of moving and expecting our fifth child. Sadly, our son was stillborn in August. The doctors don't think the erythema nodosum and the stillbirth are related, but the causes of both remain a mystery. I continue to have a prickly, tingly soreness in my feet each morning when I get out of bed four months after the initial onset of the erythema nodosum

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Comment from: Mariposa, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 14

About 1 1/2 years ago I had shingles; this year around March I started getting these red bumps on my right leg. There were about 10 red bumps which looked like mosquito bites. I took a picture of it with my cell phone since I thought it was weird, but I thought I had the shingles again. The last time I had almost the same looking red bumps on my right arm and it was the Shingles. Anyway, the next few days all the red bumps started to disappear except for two. I showed my regular physician the bumps, but she didn't know what it was, but gave me an antibiotic cream to put on. After using the antibiotic for a few days the two bumps became larger and gross looking and started oozing. I went to a dermatologist who did 2 cultures and a biopsy and I was diagnosed with Erythema Nodosum. I showed the report and picture to a Rheumatologist who thinks that is not what I have. She said the condition is usually like bruises instead of red pimples. This was back in March and the two bumps have stayed permanently in my leg. I hate how it looks, but I don't know how to get rid of the bumps. I was also put on oral prednisone for several weeks, and on Biaxin and Cipro antibiotics. I'm terrified that I will get another outbreak.

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Comment from: sierra, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: November 14

I developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome many years ago. I found a few black like scabs on my ankle. Slowly more and more spots appeared and this condition continued up my leg. Then it started on my other leg. I visited several doctors and each one gave me a cream which didn't work. I got on the computer and diagnosed myself with Erythema Nodosum and went to a dermatologist who agreed with my diagnosis. She gave me a cream which cleared it all up. Early this year, I attended a large meeting for people with bowel diseases and learned that Erythema Nodosum was somehow connected with Irritable Bowel disease. A few weeks ago I injured my ankle where the skin was broken in three places. They turned into what looked like black scabs. Then the whole area began to itch and I scratched it and now the spots are once again climbing up my leg. Time to go to the dermatologist again.

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Comment from: de, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 14

I had an outbreak of these red painful lumps that would start out like a pimple size then balloon to the size of a squash ball on the back of my calf, usually two of them at a time. The same thing happened a year later, my doctor sent me to get an ultrasound of my legs. Nothing showed up, nor a diagnosis. I had a break from them until now, they have viciously come back attacking both legs, upper and lower and on both my arms. I have 3 on each. Having 2 kids that need me is very hard and it is painful to walk. When I stand up it feels like a sudden rush of blood to my lower left leg, very painful, then it feels like a sunburn, very itchy at the peak. I am pregnant again and can't have any remedies. This is going to last 3 more weeks. It takes me almost 3 minutes to get out of bed to get a bottle ready for my 5 month old and then it is painful to walk. My doctor thinks it is erythema nodosum. He sent me for blood work to rule out a blood disorder carried in my family.

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