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The symptoms of endometriosis can vary greatly from patient to patient. What were your symptoms?

Published: July 01

I had a laparoscopy done on the third of June to remove my endometriosis for the second time and for the second time they put me on Lupron. Ever since I have had the surgery I have been bleeding and the doctors keep on telling me that it is just my cycle and it will go away well it is day 28 and I don't know what to do.

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Published: June 18

My symptoms were very heavy bleeding for 2 weeks of every month, severe pain for 2 weeks leading up to my period, then severe pain and fainting for the first week of my period, irregular periods, I ended going on the pill and that controlled the timing and heavy bleeding however I do still get severe pain for the first few days and I also get a migraine, I have a slight weight gain from the pill but I have to say it is a 100% improvement to what I put up with for most of my life. It is also good to know what it was I was suffering from as I was told it was normal to be like that and now I know it wasn't.

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Published: June 18

I had an ovarian tumor approx. 2yrs ago that caused me to loose my right ovary. I experienced pain in the lower right pelvic region (almost felt like bladder problems) immediately after surgery and then each month after during my periods. This pain was sharp and piercing while on my periods and very painful when going to the bathroom. My OB decided that we would take my uterus and leave my left ovary and cervix. The Dr. diagnosed me with endometriosis and I am now recovering (week 5) and still have pain in my lower right side? Not sure what causes this but will post an update with what my Dr. says tomorrow on my follow up visit-beginning to think-hernia, maybe?

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Published: June 17

The problem I'm having is bleeding for at least 2 weeks or a whole month lower back pain I look like I'm 7 months pregnant and my stomach is very tender, and I'm very depressed right now because the doctor only wants to give me medication to take for my problem when I choose to have surgery.

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Published: June 13

My symptoms were lower back pain,painful bowel movement during menstration, ever present right side pain ,fatigue,eight years of this,then I grew a large endometrioma 20cm.(many trips to doctor before cyst grew.)I thought I was going crazy when doctors didn't find/do anything. I hope womens pain is considered for surgically investigating for this condition sooner than it was for me, I ended up with total hysterectomy.

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Published: June 12

Just before my period, I have severe headaches, lower back pain and major nausea. During my period, I suffer swelling in my face and large liver like blood clots with a heavy blood flow. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was 23 and I am now 38--it has gotten so much over the years and I believe it's time for a hysterectomy. It affects my daily life and I get to where I just can't get out of bed or move sometimes even when I'm NOT on my period. I also have "PVC" Premature Ventricle Contractions and it gets worse with my cycle because of the severe hormonal change in my body due to the Endometriosis.

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Published: June 10

Sharp, buring pain in my right hip area, cramps could be bad. At times I could not stand straight, very nauseous. I used to call it my "red hot poker in the side". Walked sideways, hunched over. I went through several Drs. over several *years* before one listened: turns out the lesions plastered my ovary to the abdomen wall. Once they removed the lesions, ovary, tube (inflammed)I had huge relief. Still cramp and have some pain (scar tissue they say) but so very much better.

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Published: June 09

I've had horrible abdominal pain for the last 10 years almost 11, and I'm only 26. I've had 4 laps and I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis about 5 years ago, however the last surgery showed I had no endometriosis, I still have severe abdominal pain everyday and worse around my periods, the last 5 months I went from having normal periods that lasted 5 days or so, to having lasting 20 days (last month period) I started to have what looked like blood clots and really heavy bleeding, I was also told I had IBS but I still have problems going to the bathroom everyday and it's gotten worse the last 5 months with the abnormal periods. I had an ultrasound done yesterday and it showed nothing to be wrong. Is everything due to the endometriosis I "use" to have, is that why I've gotten worse lately? I have no answers, just questions for 10 years now.

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