Patient Comments: Endometrial Ablation - Side Effects

Question:Did you experience any side effects from your endometrial ablation?

Comment from: ricoswife, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 21

I had my endometrial ablation (EA) just a little over a year ago. Am I crazy or am I the only one suffering from the clear discharge and horrific smell! I have tried all kinds of home treatments. They work for a while and it is back again 3 to 7 days later. My doctor just prescribed antibiotics but I'm not convinced this is going to work. I found another forum full of women like me so I was wondering if any of you have experienced it. Most of us did not start experiencing this until about 4 months or later following our procedures. If you have and know of a cure, please post.

Comment from: scared as he**, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 06

I had the endometrial ablation done in 2009, and I never stopped having a period. My menses was lighter with cramping some months, for the first year. After that the cramping got worse, periods irregular and sometimes dark from backed up blood. I called my gynecologist and he says, oh well, it didn't work for you. Now it is 2014 and my new gynecologist suggests possible hysterectomy.

Comment from: bculbers, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 02

I had the endometrial ablation procedure done February 2014 and have had no problems. I'm 47 and had had very, very heavy bleeding each month for the past 3 to 5 years. My periods were always regular (every 28 days without fail) and never painful, but the heavy bleeding was just a major inconvenience. Over the last 3 to 4 years, the periods had gone from every 28 days to every 21 days. My younger sister had an ablation 2 years ago and said it was the best thing she ever did, but she had always had irregular and painful periods her whole life. I spoke to my gynecologist and she said I was an ideal candidate for the procedure. I've never had a C-section, or had tumors/cysts, or any monthly pain, or any problems like that. I almost felt a bit guilty for wanting the procedure since it was only for 'convenience' to stop heavy bleeding. It has been 10 months and I never have had any side effects from the procedure. I had very slight pain (similar to what you'd feel if you did one too many sit ups) for a day after the procedure, but I returned to work 2 days after the procedure. I have to walk 1 mile to and from work, so I took the 2nd day off just to be on the safe side. I never felt any pain. I wore panty liners for about 2 weeks just in case I had any discharge, but even the discharge was extremely light. It was a very light pink stain. I read some reviews that said there was a strange odor, but I had no strange odor and barely noticeable discharge. About 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure, I had a very light period that lasted 1 to 2 days. Some people would probably call it 'spotting' and not a real period, it was that light. Since then, I had not had any periods. No pain. No bleeding. No spotting. This procedure was perfect for me and I'm extremely glad that I had it done. I just wish I had it done years sooner.

Comment from: 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 12

I had an endometrial ablation done on November 14th, 2014. This was done with general anesthesia. I was put to sleep and a cervical block was given. When I woke up I was really crampy but held off on pain medicine until I was home, you will need it after the cervical block is no longer effective. My back hurt really badly and my doctor told me that it is the uterus contracting; that lasted about a week. For the next three weeks I had cramping on and off. There is a recovery time with any surgery, mine was hysteroscopy, D and C and ablation. I think this is important as they look for other issues as well. A polyp was found and removed. The great news is my first period after surgery was light and there was very little cramping, no tiredness, and it was so much better than before surgery. I in fact felt like I should have done this years ago as my periods obviously were way beyond anything normal. I lived with really bad periods for way to long. I am so glad I did this!

Comment from: petesc327, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: December 08

I had an endometrial ablation in May 2014. I went to see this new doctor because I had been having heavy, soaking periods for almost 3 years. She immediately suggested the ablation and Essure. She was very passive the whole time she explained it to me, never once stressing the potential side effects. I had mine done while under 'twilight' sedation. I woke up in the worst pain of my entire life. I could barely walk. She gave me a heavy duty pain medicine in the form of a suppository and a prescription for pain pills. She told me to get my prescription filled, take it as soon as possible and go home and lie down. We made it halfway home, with me writhing in pain in the front seat, before I started vomiting. I couldn't stop. We got home, and I attempted to eat some saltines so I would have something on my stomach to take my pain medicines with. I couldn't keep anything down. I was sweating, and cold at the same time. My legs were so weak and I couldn't even stand. I was in so much pain. I tried to lie down and couldn't. I felt like someone had literally ripped my insides out. I used the pain suppository and it didn't do anything. It didn't even touch the pain. I went through this agony for 5 hours. I eventually started to lose consciousness and my husband called the ambulance. They got me to the hospital where my heart rate was 40 and my blood pressure was 190/135. They immediately started working me up. Eventually they came and gave me some medicine that stopped the pain. I felt human again! After that, I bled for maybe 7 or 8 days and then it stopped. The next month, I started spotting again, and then July, August and September no bleeding at all. I thought it was wonderful. I started spotting in October and continued spotting every day through November. Every time I would call my doctor with any kind of side effect, she would say, 'that can happen'. Now, December 5, 2014 I am on my 20th day straight of bleeding. It started out as a moderately heavy period and now has eased off to a light period. I am changing doctors, because I want to know what is going on. If you are considering an ablation, please do your research.

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